Fix a Door that Closes or Opens by Itself

10 Minutes
Anyone else have this problem: your door automatically closes or opens?
Before this simple fix we had to use a door stopper to keep the bathroom door from closing.
My wife was just a bit perturbed when I told her how easy this repair was to do. The back story is that we've had this issue for 6 years (and yes, she's been after me to do it for that long).
Please don't judge me too much!! I apologized to her and have done several things to make it up.
Here's what you do, pull the hinge pin from the middle hinge. If you only have two hinges then pull the pin from the bottom hinge.
Place the hinge pin on a scrap piece of wood. Tap the center of the pin with a hammer (2-3 times depending on how much spinach you eat).
This puts a slight bend in the center of the pin. The bend will prevent the door from moving by itself.
Put the pin back in the hinge and you're done!! No more door that closes or opens by itself :)
Don't be like me, do this easy weekend DIY project and stay on the good side of your spouse-LOL.
In case you'd like to see how to do this via a short video check out my post at
Just say NO to the dreaded door stopper. You won't need it anymore after this fix.
Remove the hinge pin from the middle hinge or bottom hinge.
Slightly bend the hinge pin using a hammer and scrap piece of wood.

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  • Ann Ann on Apr 23, 2016
    How do you first get the pin out?

  • Barbara Barbara on Aug 12, 2016
    I got the pin out and I have a piece of wood I am pounding the heck out of the pin but it won't bend can you help

  • Randy Willems Randy Willems on May 17, 2017
    What hinge you bend if their is only 2 hinges on your door


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