How to square a door in it's grame

Handle side has tilted down

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  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Jul 05, 2018
    Perhaps adjusting the hinges will do the trick, Coolidge, you can fix this.

  • Shuganne Shuganne on Jul 05, 2018

    How old is your house? Can we rule out general house settling, or is this fairly recent?

    First check the hinges. Are all the screws tight? Are any just spinning? Have someone push the door up until it's level while you put longer wood screws in. If it's just one, I've put wood glue and toothpicks in the hole, tightened the screw and shimmed the door so it's level while the glue dries.

    Second,have you measured the frame to make sure it's a true square? Ditto for the door. Because it's lower on the handle side, the best guess is a loose hinge.

    Still, I had a door that suddenly wouldn't latch (and this was the exterior door, so I really needed to be able to shut it.) The handyman said the frame he'd put in was new wood and probably warping a bit. He put a 2x4 over my frame and whacked it several times with a hammer. Took care of the problem. That was a new one for me, but it worked.

  • Dianacirce70 Dianacirce70 on Jul 05, 2018
    you can get wooden or composite shims at a hardware store, then shim it until its square. You may need to remove the screws holding it in place on that side

  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Jul 05, 2018
    Hi Cooledge! First I would tighten up the hinges in case they have loosened up, allowing the door to sag.

  • Sharon Sharon on Jul 05, 2018
    Your question is cut off, but here is a video....