Looking for cheap and easy way to add screens to my windows

I do not have screens on my windows. Please help me figure out the best/cheapest way to add screens to my windows.
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  • Ranger Ranger on Apr 14, 2016
    Perhaps buy the mesh as 'fabric' lengths, and attach Velcro grips to the mesh and the other Velcro side to your window frame. Have seen this done before and it works very well.

  • Joan Joan on Apr 14, 2016
    This time of year, the "Big Box " stores carry a half window size horizontal sliding screen that is only a few dollars. Raise your window, put the sliding screen in, open it until it fits snugly against the window side frame , then close the window and the screen is held by the windows pressure on the top of the screen. I love these screens!!

  • Laura Williams-May Laura Williams-May on Apr 14, 2016
    Even cheaper that the first idea is to buy the mesh, cut it to fit. THen run a line of clear silicon adhesive along the edge of the window and stick the screen into place. I did this in a situation where I could not get anyone to install custom screens.

  • Ranger Ranger on Apr 15, 2016
    Could even use a fine curtain fabric if that is cheaper than mesh.