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Summer is in full swing and I've been dying for a nice breeze through my window, but we get a lot of mosquitos.
My window is an irregular shape and I'm only renting so I didn't want to invest in a proper screen so I thought of this quick DIY screen for summer.
First thing I did was measure my window. You can choose to measure the actual window or the frame around it, just make sure you remember what you're measuring.

While you're measuring you might want to wipe down the frame to get rid of any dust.
Netting I had left from another project.
Next thing I did was measure out a piece of netting to about 1/2 inch longer than the window measurements on all sides.

Better to cut too much and trim it later.
I picked up this great super sticky double sided tape.

starting with the top of the screen add tape staggering a long strips through out the top I secured it to frame around the window.

This will take a little trial and error.

Once you have the top secured keep moving and securing around the perimeter.

* I like this tape versus glue because it's easy to remove when it's time to move.
The netting installed
Suggested materials:
  • Screen fabric   (Hardware Store)
  • Super strong double sided adhesive
  • Measuring Tape
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  • Dee Dee on Jun 25, 2016
    Using screen fabric with the spleen is also easy to use and comes out perfect every time