Apply fun, patterned wallpaper to it

Give your bookshelf unit a major makeover using only paint and wallpaper for a dramatic new look. Get tutorial here

Remove its chipping paint

Strip the paint off of your old bookcase, and apply pretty blue wallpaper to the backing to give it a new lease on life. Get tutorial here

Glue rustic wood pieces to the backing

Transform your bookcase from ordinary to amazing by attaching wood scraps to the back of your bookcase in a beautiful, staggered pattern. Get tutorial here

Embrace its natural woodgrain

Sand your bookcase to reveal its beautiful natural woodgrain, and then rub wax onto it to keep it looking beautiful and protected. Get tutorial here

Stick charming, rustic paper to it

Bring a beaten-up, water-damaged bookcase back to life with a fresh coat of paint and rustic peel-and-stick paper for a piece you’ll love displaying in your home. Get tutorial here

Position pretty foam board into the shelves

Update your built-in bookcase without a huge time or dollar commitment using foam board to add color and style to your living room. Get tutorial here

Nail faux aged wood to it

Brush a weathered wood accelerator onto wood planks to give them a beautiful aged effect, and then nail them to your distressed bookcase for a rustic, farmhouse look. Get tutorial here

Stencil a beautiful pattern onto it

Take your plain wooden bookshelf up a notch using paint and a stencil for a fun farmhouse-style makeover. Get tutorial here

Glue leftover wainscoting to the backing

Use chalk paint and wainscoting to give your boring bookshelf a chic makeover with a rustic, farmhouse vibe. Get tutorial here

Dress it up with bright wallpaper

Stick wallpaper with an arched design into your bookshelves to add some fun color and personality to your space. Get tutorial here