A classy black and white stenciled wall

Add a faux tile backsplash in your kitchen using a stencil to make a big impact on your space. Get tutorial here

Her busy bee stenciled backsplash

Use the dry roller method to dab a stencil with the bare minimum of paint for a gorgeous backsplash. Get tutorial here

This bright, stenciled wall

Achieve a realistic tile look on your wall using three colors of acrylic paint and a stencil. Get tutorial here

Her lovely subway tile wall

Install a renter-friendly, peel-and-stick subway tile backsplash to transform your kitchen in no time. Get tutorial here

A refreshing stenciled wall

Change up your boring, clean walls with a simple stencil design that’ll add some character to your space. Get tutorial here

This gorgeous, modern backsplash

Stencil a gorgeous, faux tile backsplash to add the finishing touch to your kitchen. Get tutorial here

Her beautiful wallpaper backsplash

Spruce up your kitchen with patterned wallpaper to add loads of personality to your space. Get tutorial here

These faux marble tiles

Apply drywall compound to your backsplash, and then give it a marbled tile effect for a look you will absolutely love. Get tutorial here

This hand painted wall

Hand paint a faux tile backsplash to give your kitchen a warmer, cozier vibe. Get tutorial here

Her elegant, metallic backsplash

Add metallic gold accent areas to your backsplash for an elegant touch in your kitchen. Get tutorial here