A weathered rolling ottoman

Attach wheels and a cushioned lid to your wooden crate to create a charming, weathered ottoman with storage. Get tutorial here

Her rustic bench on wheels

Create a beautiful rustic bench that is fully functional and can be used for storage and seating. Get tutorial here

His convenient countertop organizer

Take two crates and put them together to create a convenient countertop organizer for your fruits and vegetables. Get tutorial here

Her cute little cart

Build a cute cart for your home to add more storage space to any room. Get tutorial here

This comfy pet bed

Grab a crate, some paper napkins, and a pillow to make a comfy bed for your pet. Get tutorial here

These versatile storage crates

Keep your mess under control with these storage crates that are the perfect solution to tidying up your space. Get tutorial here

Her beautiful farmhouse desk

Place a butcher block tabletop on your stacked crates for a beautiful desk with ample storage space. Get tutorial here

A cute, colorful planter

Bring color and pretty blooms to your outdoor space with this cute tiered crate planter. Get tutorial here

This easy, hidden ottoman

Sit on your patio and relax with your feet up on this easy-to-make ottoman that can be hidden away when not in use. Get tutorial here

These adorable doggy stairs

Treat your pup well with these adorable little doggy stairs that’ll make getting up on the couch and into the car much easier. Get tutorial here