These whimsical pumpkin planters

Dress up your front porch with these whimsical pumpkin planters to add a festive vibe to your space. Get tutorial here

This shimmering holiday tree

Add a little sparkle and shine to some pinecones and leaves, and then nestle them in your mini tree to bring some holiday cheer to your home. Get tutorial here

His mini pumpkin topiaries

Stick wooden skewers through mini pumpkins, and then place them into beautifully decoupaged terracotta pots for some cute fall topiaries. Get tutorial here

Her spooky skull topiary

Slide dollar store skulls onto a PVC pipe to create a frightening topiary for your front porch. Get tutorial here

Their twinkling leaf topiaries

Liven up your space with twinkling topiaries made from tomato cages and leaf garlands. Get tutorial here

A gorgeous pumpkin topiary

Poke a wooden dowel through stacked pumpkins, and add faux flowers and greenery to create a beautiful topiary to decorate your home. Get tutorial here

Her beautiful seasonal tree

Turn a tomato cage into a beautiful topiary that you could decorate first for fall and then for winter. Get tutorial here

These classy feather topiaries

Wrap feather boas around your tomato cages to create pretty, fluffy topiaries for your home. Get tutorial here

A festive Christmas tree

Create a festive Christmas tree using a tomato cage wrapped in chicken wire and decorated with pretty greenery. Get tutorial here

These adorable holiday trees

Grab tomato cages and some deco mesh to make little trees that’ll brighten up your front porch with holiday cheer. Get tutorial here

This unconventional newspaper tree

Roll newspaper pages into cones, and stick them into chicken wire for a super unique holiday tree. Get tutorial here