Paint the wall a bold color

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite show in a room full of color and your favorite framed artwork. Get tutorial here

Hang lovely artwork around it

Your television doesn’t have to be the focal point of your room — make it blend in by surrounding it with an eclectic gallery wall full of your favorite framed art pieces. Get tutorial here

Cover your wall with pallet wood

One of our favorite ways to decorate around a TV is with an incredible, rustic pallet wall that’ll add so much warmth to your space. Get tutorial here

Put up a shelf above your screen

For an unexpected twist, install a shelf *above* your screen to fill up the boring, empty space up there. Get tutorial here

Frame your set with lattice panels

Salvage two lattice panels and stick them to the wall around your TV for a unique way to add some character to your otherwise plain space. Get tutorial here

Add a gallery wall on either side of your TV

If you don’t have a large, expensive entertainment center, try this budget-friendly method of putting up a photo gallery wall for a beautifully decorated space. Get tutorial here

Install a dramatic stone veneer accent wall

Add an accent wall that compliments your screen by sticking stone veneer bricks to it for a dramatic impact. Get tutorial here

Build a stunning, faux stone fireplace wall

Transform your space from boring and flat to cozy and elegant with a stunning, faux stone fireplace wall that surrounds your TV perfectly. Get tutorial here

Put up new trim on your wall

Update your living room with a wider baseboard and some batten to add dimension to your wall. Get tutorial here

Display cute family photos

Take a trip down memory lane with a gallery wall full of cute black and white family photos. Even if there's nothing to watch, you'll enjoy this view! Get tutorial here

Cover your wall in lovely bricks

If you love the authentic, Old World look, you’re going to want to cover your wall in half bricks to give it depth and a solid feel that’ll enhance your watching experience. Get tutorial here

Brighten your wall with wood slats

Add some mid-century modern style to your space with a charming, budget slat wall that’ll brighten up your room and look great surrounding your screen. Get tutorial here