These spooky skeleton cages

Trap skeletons in two laundry baskets or wastebaskets to create the spookiest hanging decor for your outdoor space. Get tutorial here

This eerie crystal ball

Fill a glass bowl with green dyed water, and put mini skeletons into it to make an eerie crystal ball. Get tutorial here

A glowing faux fire

Spray foam insulation over branches and string lights before spray painting it red to create a glowing faux fire. Get tutorial here

These adorable wood critters

Decorate scrap wood pieces with adorable faces for the cutest Halloween critters. Get tutorial here

His creepy Halloween coasters

Grab some dollar store eyeballs and spiders, and stick them into resin to make some creepy coasters. Get tutorial here

This ghastly zombie hand

Create a mold of your hand, and then paint it to look like a creepy, bloody zombie hand. Get tutorial here

A not-so-scary mummy door

Tape strips of toilet paper to your door, and add dollar store eyes for a mummy that’ll excite all of the neighborhood kids. Get tutorial here

Her sparkly ornament cauldron

Repurpose last year’s holiday ornaments to create a fun, bubbly Halloween cauldron. Get tutorial here

His festive, shimmering wreath

Decorate a wreath form with sparkly ribbons and a cute sign for a fun way to spruce up your door. Get tutorial here

These super cute pillows

Spruce up some plain pillows with some simple decorations to create super cute Halloween pillows. Get tutorial here

An adorable flowerpot Frankenstein

Give your porch a fun Halloween vibe with a not-so-scary Frankenstein made from flowerpots positioned to welcome all of your trick-or-treaters. Get tutorial here

These creepy, chic skulls

Give some spooky skulls a pretty pink makeover, and then fill them with faux flowers for some creepy, chic decor. Get tutorial here