DIY a modern farmhouse wood vent hood

Turn your vent hood into the centerpiece of your kitchen with beautiful farmhouse wood. Get tutorial here

Install a sleek black range hood

Get a clean, modern look with classic black stain on your newly installed range hood. Get tutorial here

Hang a fluffy pampas grass wreath

Put a fluffy wreath above your stove to add character to your kitchen. Get tutorial here

Cover an existing range hood with detailed wood

Build a cover over your existing range hood, and add detail molding to completely transform the look of your kitchen while staying within your budget. Get tutorial here

Screw in a stylish rustic vent hood cover

Transform an unused cabinet above your microwave into a stylish wooden microwave hood. Get tutorial here

Hammer in pallet boards to your range hood

Add farmhouse style charm to your kitchen with a lovely pallet range hood. Get tutorial here

Make a useful scrap wood shelf

Create a little shelf for over your stove to hold decor and useful items. Get tutorial here

Design a stained wooden custom hood

Assemble a custom-designed rustic range hood to fit perfectly in your farmhouse kitchen. Get tutorial here

Install an dark espresso stained vent hood

Spice up your kitchen with a rustic wooden microwave hood. Get tutorial here

Paint your range hood bright white

Brighten up your farmhouse kitchen with a simple but beautiful white range hood cover. Get tutorial here

Put up an accessible spice rack

Corral unruly spices with a magnetic spice rack and simple pine board shelves. Get tutorial here

Build a modern plaster range hood

Keep your kitchen looking clean with a plaster range hood for a modern and traditional vibe. Get tutorial here