A unique Indian corn vase

Tie some metallic ears of Indian corn to your beautiful flower-filled fall vase. Get tutorial here

His farmhouse door wreath

Scrunch up pieces of mesh to create ruffled bows, and then attach them to an evergreen wreath form to make the perfect farmhouse decoration for your door. Get tutorial here

Her beautiful door decor

Dress up your front door with lovely fall leaves and foliage to add some beautiful color to your home. Get tutorial here

These wonderful cinnamon-scented pinecones

Sprinkle cinnamon onto your pine cones, and then place them in a glass bowl for a lovely, scented display. Get tutorial here

This lovely floral centerpiece

Create a lovely centerpiece full of pretty flowers and cinnamon-scented candles for your dining table. Get tutorial here

Her pretty fall floral cornucopia

Fill a cornucopia with pretty greenery and bright flowers to add a fall harvest vibe to your home. Get tutorial here

These high-end place cards

Use Jenga pieces and a stamp set to make high-end place cards for your Thanksgiving table. Get tutorial here

A colorful horizontal wreath

Bring some colorful falling leaves into your home with this bright, leafy horizontal wreath. Get tutorial here

This stunning pumpkin vase

Decorate a faux pumpkin before filling it with florals and pumpkins to bring the fall spirit to your table. Get tutorial here

Her rustic decor piece

Smear paint onto a round piece of wood using a baby wipe, and then use a makeup sponge to add a stencil for a simple, rustic decor piece. Get tutorial here

This weathered barnacle planter

Brush clay dirt onto your freshly painted vase before topping it with an old wreath form and some bright, faux leaves for the perfect addition to your porch. Get tutorial here

A mini pumpkin topiary

Put together a mini pumpkin topiary that’ll serve as a wonderful fall centerpiece on your dining table. Get tutorial here

Her festive Thanksgiving tablescape

Personalize your tablecloth with meaningful words of your choice, and top it with fun folded napkins for a festive Thanksgiving tablescape. Get tutorial here