Wrap A Pool Noodle In Burlap

Measure off the amount of burlap needed, hot glue seams together, pin burlap around, and decorate seasonally. Get tutorial here

Bunch Burlap Into A Bubble Wreath

Cut burlap into 100 4X4 inch squares, fold into a triangle, and pin to styrofoam wreath. Get tutorial here

Knot Burlap On Seashells

Wash the shells in lemon water, glue shells on styrofoam wreath, and tie a bow in a long strip of burlap to hang. Get tutorial here

Upholster Burlap In A Wire Form

Use 3 rolls of wide burlap, thread embroidery button through the burlap, and weave through the wire foam. Get tutorial here

Have A Patriotic Wreath With Colored Burlap

Separate pine bristols, secure sign to the center, then bunch red and blue burlap inside the wreath. Get tutorial here

Hot Glue Burlap Leaves On A Wreath

Glue the tip of the burlap, wrap around form, arrange pinecones around the center, and glue on burlap leaves. Get tutorial here

Braid Burlap Around Green Garland

Binder clip the end of garland, braid burlap around it, and hot glue cut out peace sign. Get tutorial here

Top A Rustic Shutter With Yellow Burlap

Cut down pallet boards to size, and bunch yellow burlap around wire form. Get tutorial here

Welcome Guests With Chalkboard And Burlap

Tape pool noodle into a circle, wrap scraps of burlap on, and glue on the chalk board. Get tutorial here

Press Denim Flowers On Patterned Burlap

Snip several circles out of denim pants, fold denim onto burlap wrapped styrofoam form. Get tutorial here

Craft An Oversized Daisy Wreath

Pinch sheets of burlap into a bow, tie bows with chenille onto the form, and add different colored burlap. Get tutorial here

Wrap White Burlap With Flowers

Encircle the form in white burlap, top with a bright colored bow, and stick in faux flowers. Get tutorial here

Show Off Love For The USA With Burlap

Wrap burlap around wreath form, cut out felt flowers then pin, and hang with americana themed ribbon. Get tutorial here