Use logs to make a wall trellis

Add a natural touch by using logs as a trellis. You'll need some eye screws, wood and gravel to get started. And of course large tree branches or logs Get tutorial here

Get creative with these 5 garden borders

Super creative ways to add a garden border using items you likley have: Plates, glass bottles, pallet wood, aluminum flashing & rope lighting. Get tutorial here

Set up terracotta pots around your garden

Place terra cota pots into the dirt, a few inches deep. Line them up from smallest to largest for a cute touch or use all the same sized pots. Get tutorial here

Create clean edging with a trench and soil

Create a clean and polished look for your flower beds. Use a half moon edger to create clean edges, then create a trench with mounded soil. Get tutorial here

Spray paint rocks for a rainbow river edge

Your kids will love this! Spray paint rocks in various colors and place over landscaping fabric that has been staked down like the waviness of a river Get tutorial here

Make a pallet border

Stagger and overlap disasembled pallets for lovely flower bed edging. Get tutorial here

Upcyle wine bottles for a creative border

Use old wine bottles by making a garden border. Use a rubber mallet to drive the wine bottles, neck down, into the soil for this fun border idea. Get tutorial here

Refresh garden borders with spray paint

Spray paint garden borders using different colors for each side, then place around a tree for a pretty, decorative, circular border. Get tutorial here

Repurpose your old bricks

Reserve a weekend and enegry for this DIY! You'll be shoveling, digging trenches and laying down sand and bricks to create this brick garden edging. Get tutorial here

Makeover your garden with concrete blocks

Place blocks where you want them, measure wood boards, cut as needed then slide into the planter blocks. You'll love this clean and classy border. Get tutorial here

Add charm with a little white fence

Up your curb appeal by installing a little white fence as garden edging. A perfect way to compliment your flowers and plants. Get tutorial here

Paint pallet wood for a colorful border

Get your power saw out to cut pallets into the sizes you want. Sand, paint with exterior acrylic paint, and place as edging in your garden. Get tutorial here

Update a pond with flagstone edging

Place your stones around a pond for a decorative edging makeover. Be sure to watch the video tutorial on how to shape stone with a hammer. Get tutorial here