These cute yarn pumpkins

String some yarn through and around styrofoam pumpkins, and then push a stick down the middle as a finishing touch. Get tutorial here

These lovely textured ones

Add some baking soda to your paint to give your pumpkins some texture to create a lovely display. Get tutorial here

Her classy rope-wrapped glass one

Glue rope around a glass fishbowl to create a super chic and classy pumpkin in just 15 minutes. Get tutorial here

A rustic burlap pumpkin

Transform an ugly dollar store pumpkin into a super cute, rustic burlap pumpkin using just a few basic materials. Get tutorial here

These cool concrete ones

Fill some panty hose with concrete, and then tie twine around them to create ridges resulting in beautiful fall pumpkins. Get tutorial here

Her busy decoupage pumpkin

Apply pretty flowers and bees to your pumpkin to create a sweet decor piece for your home. Get tutorial here

These classy dryer vent pumpkins

Cut up a foil dryer duct, and glue the ends together before spray painting them for some classy fall pumpkins. Get tutorial here

Her fancy, glammed-up ones

Fancify your plain pumpkins with gorgeous wood flowers to create a beautiful, glammed-up centerpiece. Get tutorial here

These funky 70s-style ones

Brighten up your home this fall with colorful, 70s-style pumpkins with fun, felt patterns. Get tutorial here

Her shabby-chic stacked pumpkins

Glue moss and florets to stacked mini pumpkins to make the cutest shabby-chic fall decor. Get tutorial here

These fluffy roving yarn pumpkins

Wrap roving yarn around dollar store pumpkins, and finish them off with real dried pumpkin stems. Get tutorial here

Her pretty floral pumpkins

Decorate faux pumpkins with pretty florals for some beautiful fall centerpieces. Get tutorial here