A fun, floating umbrella witch

Hang a floating umbrella witch from your ceiling for a humorous Halloween greeting. Get tutorial here

These fresh-faced jack-o’-lantern luminaries

Give some glass bottles and jars a frosted look and eerie grins, and then place a light in each one to create jack-o’-lantern luminaries. Get tutorial here

This huge spider and web

Weave a giant spider web across the front of your house before adding a huge, terrifying trash bag spider to it. Get tutorial here

Some fake spider webs

Toss some fake dollar store cobwebs around your outdoor area to add a Halloween vibe to your space. Get tutorial here

A terrifying spider cutout

Cut a spider out of construction paper, and tape it to your lantern glass for a simple yet terrifying decoration. Get tutorial here

This flexible hanging skeleton

Add a classic spooky touch to your Halloween decor with a bony skeleton made from paint sticks. Get tutorial here

A not-so-scary flowerpot Frankenstein

Give your porch a fun Halloween vibe with an adorable flowerpot Frankenstein positioned to welcome all of your trick-or-treaters. Get tutorial here

Her festive Halloween tree

Find a fallen branch in your yard, and turn it into a Halloween tree with some black spray paint and festive lights. Get tutorial here

A spooky crow’s nest wreath

Attach some moss, a fake crow, and a string of lights to a wreath, and hang it on your door to add a spooky Halloween vibe to your front porch. Get tutorial here

These eerie Halloween cages

Trap skeletons, spiders, and other spooky critters in two laundry baskets to create the perfect hanging decor for your outdoor space. Get tutorial here

Her creepy skeleton tree

Stick skeleton heads onto a tomato cage, and then finish it off with black fabric, some moss, and a string of lights for an eerie holiday tree. Get tutorial here

These realistic paper bats

Adhere paper bats to your wall for a cheap craft idea that’ll get you in the mood for Halloween. Get tutorial here

This spooky-chic spider wreath

Put together a spider wreath for your front door in only 5 minutes with a few super inexpensive supplies. Get tutorial here

These creepy succulent skull planters

Fill hollow skeleton heads with soil and succulents to add some green to your holiday decor. Get tutorial here