Modernize your table with dowels

DIY a modern round moon table using dowels and a light finish for stunning results. Get tutorial here

Apply paint that looks like stain

Give your table a faux stain look using latex paint for a lovely makeover. Get tutorial here

Use contrasting colors

Refinish your dining table with a light tabletop and a complementary dark base. Get tutorial here

Lighten it with paint and stain

Turn your sweet vintage table into a classic piece using white paint on the legs and dark gel stain on the top. Get tutorial here

Sand it down

Expose the gorgeous wood grain on your table using a sander to completely transform it to match your decor. Get tutorial here

Freshen it up with white stain

Makeover your vintage, solid wood dining set with white stain for a beautiful, modern farmhouse update. Get tutorial here

Darken the tabletop

Update your basic dining table into a modern farmhouse beauty using dark paint. Get tutorial here

Paint it black

Go bold with a dramatic black tabletop that adds a sleek, elegant vibe to your dining area. Get tutorial here

Give it a weathered look

Rub different shades of stain and wax onto your tabletop to give it the perfect weathered, rustic look to add a farmhouse-style vibe to your home. Get tutorial here

Strip the varnish off of it

Scrape the varnish off of your tabletop before staining it for beautiful results. Get tutorial here

Neutralize the metallic look

Achieve a minimalist sculptural look by spray painting the nickel-finished base plain white. Get tutorial here

Apply a semi-gloss topcoat

Use a semi-gloss topcoat on your freshly stained tabletop to keep it streak-free and to make cleaning it easier. Get tutorial here

Brush on dark gel stain

Stain your oak table over its existing finish, and then paint the base for a stunning piece for your dining room. Get tutorial here

Give it a two-toned look

Update your table to fit the 21st century style with painted white legs and a dark top. Get tutorial here