A cute felt turkey votive

Put together a super cute turkey votive in just 20 minutes for a fun way to light up your table. Get tutorial here

Her friendly door hanger

Showcase your creativity this holiday with a friendly turkey door hanger. Get tutorial here

A rainbow ribbon place card

Glue ribbon loops to a piece of felt, and attach a clothespin to it for a cute turkey for your table. Get tutorial here

This lush pinecone turkey

Use natural elements - like ornamental grasses and pinecones - to handcraft a lush turkey. Get tutorial here

A pretty flower napkin ring

Layer different-colored, faux flowers to look like turkey feathers, and then glue them to cut paper towel rolls for pretty napkin rings. Get tutorial here

These thankful pinecone turkeys

Glue little faces and bright felt feathers to pinecones to make little turkeys, and then stick sweet notes to them. Get tutorial here

Their rustic wooden turkey

Trace a pizza box onto pallet wood to craft a rustic turkey for your home. Get tutorial here

These adorable place settings

Wrap craft sticks in patterned washi tape, and then attach them to wood pieces for adorable place settings for your table. Get tutorial here

A shimmering glitter globe turkey

Fill baby food jars with glittery water to create a shimmering turkey for your holiday. Get tutorial here

These adorable wine glass candleholders

Flip your wine glasses upside down, and paint them to look like turkeys before topping them with tealights. Get tutorial here

This whimsical Mason jar turkey

Add a touch of whimsy to your Thanksgiving decor with a unique Mason jar turkey. Get tutorial here

These simple napkin rings

Cut up a paper towel tube, and turn the pieces into festive turkey napkin rings. Get tutorial here

Her belted serving bowl

Turn a serving bowl into the perfect Thanksgiving dish using an upcycled belt. Get tutorial here

This colorful turkey wreath

Greet your guests with a festive turkey wreath full of vibrant fall colors. Get tutorial here