Create a mid-century modern bookshelf

You don't need to have advanced carpentry skills to make this wood and hairpin leg bookcase. Use the video tutorial as a guide to pull this off. Get tutorial here

DIY a wood banquet table

You'll need various sized wood boards to create this beautiful table. Be sure to stain and finish it properly to get the look you want. Get tutorial here

Make a West Elm knock off bench

An amazing DIY that will get you a super gorgeous designer looking bench for a fraction of the cost. Follow the step by step tutorial to do this right. Get tutorial here

Build a nightstand with 2x3's

Some wood boards and 2X3's will get you a classy looking nightsatnd in no time. You'll need a brad nailer and glue gun to put this together. Get tutorial here

Put together plant stands

Build stylish plant stands to hold plant pots of your choice. Saw the legs, put together, stain in shade of your choice. Get tutorial here

Construct a ladder to display blankets

This simple DIY made with 2x4s will give you a decorative and functional way to keep your throw blankets organized and neat. The video will guide you through. Get tutorial here

Make a beautiful desk from scratch

Definitely not a simple DIY, but definitely worth it! Maple and ash wood create different wood tones in this super beautiful desk. Get tutorial here

Paint wood blocks for a stunning tabletop

Paint this block table using any colors you want. The result is a rich and sharp looking table pefect for an entryway or den. Get tutorial here

Use scraps to make a wood accent table

You won't believe how easy this is! Measure and cut scrap wood to your desire. Assemble, use wood filler, position metal legs, drill together & stain. Get tutorial here

Create a mountain shaped floating shelf

Super creative DIY! Use pineboards to create a floating shelf in the shape of a mountain. Sand, paint and assemble to make this unique piece. Get tutorial here

DIY a dining table

It's not as complicted as you think! Learn how to build this darling dining table, it will charm up any space. Get tutorial here

Build a stylish shelving unit

Use 12 inch plumbing pipes and flanges along with wood boards to create an industrial shelving unit on wheels. Get tutorial here

Hang slats to create a stunning headboard

Nail pine boards horizontally into the wall to create this slat style headboard. Get tutorial here

Spend $30 to make this coffee table

With only a few tools, you can design and build your own wood and steel, modern coffee table to fit your space and your personality. Get tutorial here

Organize your shoes with a DIY shoe bench

Get your power tools out to make this shoe rack bench, perfect for an entryway! Get tutorial here