Build A Vintage Pallet Coffee Table

Saw the pallets in half, sand down the surface, and stain the surface. Get tutorial here

Hang Sheet Curtains With A Rustic Look

Drill divots into corbels and iron out sheets before hanging. Get tutorial here

Dip Dye Accents In Your Living Room

Get a large disposable container, pour in the paint, and dip baskets or lamps. Get tutorial here

Tiny Living Room? Hang Rug Art

Create a frame to fit the rug’s size out of furring strips, and use hanging strips to secure. Get tutorial here

Hammer In A Floating Shelf

Cut down the window boards frame, stain dark walnut, and use Spax screws to hang. Get tutorial here

Spray Paint A Branch Metallic

Smooth out the branches by sanding, spray metallic paint, and secure to the frame. Get tutorial here

Update Your Bookshelf With Colorful Paper

Measure out the bookcase to see how much wrapping paper is needed, and stick with tape. Get tutorial here

Paint Media Console Unexpected Colors

Strip the old finish of the wood and brush on electric blue chalk paint. Get tutorial here

Chain Wagon Wheels To The Ceiling

Clean down the wagon wheels, add a finish, and thread chain through. Get tutorial here

Put In No-Sew Curtains

Cut fabric along the fold, apply hem tape, and thread pipes through the cut-out slits. Get tutorial here

Emboss A Wooden Sconce For Decoration

Lay a stencil on a 4 foot plank of aspen wood, and sand down the joint compound. Get tutorial here

Place The Remote On A Fur Stool

Saw scrap wood to the size desired, lay down foam, and staple fur fabric around edges. Get tutorial here

Build A Geometric Pendant Lamp

Draw out a pentagon on scrap paper, trace and cut out plastic sheets, then insert a socket. Get tutorial here

Paint Over Shutters For A Table

Brush over the shutters a basecoat of white, and attach the legs to the shutter with L brackets. Get tutorial here

Have A Perfect Side Table From A Wire Basket

Hammer cable staples into the bottom of the wire basket and repeat around the entire basket. Get tutorial here