These fresh-faced jack-o’-lantern luminaries

Decorate your glass jars with spooky faces using frosted glass spray and stickers. Get tutorial here

A stylish wildflower terrarium

Preserve summer vibes in a jar by creating a stylish terrarium using wildflowers. Get tutorial here

These pretty organizers

Spice up your crafting table while keeping everything in order by turning your jars into art supply organizers. Get tutorial here

This mini propagation station

Create a mini propagation station indoors by attaching little jars to wood and hanging it on your wall. Get tutorial here

Her sweet woven jar hanger

Weave a pretty-colored cord over your glass jar to make a sweet hanging planter. Get tutorial here

These handy spice jars

Fill some small glass jars with your spices, and stick labels on them to help keep your ingredients fresh and your kitchen in order. Get tutorial here

This super cool lamp

Stick a lightbulb into a glass jar to create an instant lamp with a retro vibe. Get tutorial here

A beautiful flocked jar candleholder

Bring the winter feel into your home with a beautiful, snowy candleholder for the center of your table or mantel. Get tutorial here

Her adorable gnome treat jar

Add the perfect, adorable touch to your festive holiday decor with a super cute gnome treat jar. Get tutorial here

These gorgeous botanical candle lamps

Customize pretty candle lamps with different fillers and botanicals in just 5 minutes to match your decor. Get tutorial here

A unique wall vase

Put together a glass jar and a wood cutting board to create a unique wall vase for your home. Get tutorial here

Her pretty hobnail milk glass vase

Turn an ordinary, glass jar into your own milk glass with a hobnail pattern using inexpensive dollar store supplies. Get tutorial here

An elegant buffalo check vase

Use painter’s tape to decorate a jar with a beautiful buffalo check pattern. Get tutorial here

This clever fruit fly trap

Get rid of those pesky fruit flies from your kitchen once and for all with this clever fruit fly trap idea. Get tutorial here

Her cute bee feeder

Wrap yarn around your glass jar, and then glue it to a pebble-filled watering lid to create a cute bee feeder for your garden. Get tutorial here