DIY a farmhouse sliding barn door

Pull this off in only 8 steps. This project is easy, quick & cheap and can be completed by a beginner. MDF is used instead of plywood. Get tutorial here

Create a modern garden trellis

Enhance a plain patio or porch wall with this trellis. Use cedar wood and finish with paint or stain for a decorative and functional DIY. Get tutorial here

Make a vertical garden with fence boards

Use 6' cedar fence boards, aseemble per instructions, then attach to a wall or fence. Plant herbs, vegetables, flowers or succulents. Get tutorial here

Enhance your bedroom decor with a chevron headboard

Customize a stunning chevron wood headboard with MDF sheets and pineboards. So beautiful you can use as wall art or a headboard. Get tutorial here

Upcycle scrap wood into wall art

Use wood scraps to create a custom wall art piece. Detail as you wish with shapes and paint using the colors of your choice. Get tutorial here

Put together geometric wall decor

This DIY is stunning! A beginner may want to recruit some help for this one. Make hexagonal shapes from wood, stain in various shades to complete. Get tutorial here

Add privacy to your yard with a wood screen

Use pine decking boards to create a privacy screen for your outdoor space. This DIY is on the simple side, inexpensive & can be completed in 1 weekend. Get tutorial here

DIY a modern looking trellis

Perfect for a vining plant, this trellis is a great DIY for a beginner. Use furring strips, trim & moulding pieces, paint to finish. Get tutorial here

Makeover a kids bedroom with a pallet headboard

Create a unique headboard (with a shelf!) in the shape of a house from pallets. Your child will love this fun and functional bedroom decor. Get tutorial here

Create a mountain shaped floating shelf

Super creative idea! Use pineboards to create a floating shelf in the shape of a mountain. Sand, paint and assemble to make this unique piece. Get tutorial here

Bring a coffee table to life with pixelated live edges

A one-of-a-kind coffee table from maple. There's a big supply list and many steps...but so worth it for this breathtaking live edge table. Get tutorial here

Put together plant stands

Build stylish plant stands to hold plant pots of your choice. Saw the legs, put together, stain in shade of your choice. Get tutorial here

Build a modern coat rack

A piano-style coat rack built from black walnut wood. Build, sand, stain and hang for a beautiful and functional piece. Get tutorial here

Light up your home with a DIY lantern

Make an easy and elegant lantern, perfect for lighting up an outdoor space. Use 3/4" and 1/2" square wooden dowels. Get tutorial here

Make a C table to place behind a sofa

Watch the video tutorial to be sure you do this DIY right. Cool bonus: This C table includes space for tablet storage. Get tutorial here

Jazz up a wall with stylish wall art

You'll only need a few tools to create this beautiful wall art: Miter saw, skill saw or a table saw, clamps and a nail gun. Get tutorial here