Pound some pretty flowers with a hammer

Lay some flowers onto watercolor paper or fabric, and then hammer them down, leaving you with pretty flower prints. Get tutorial here

Dye brightly colored tissue paper

Transform dollar store plastic drawers using beautifully dyed tissue paper to add some vibrant color to your space. Get tutorial here

Coat your lamp with stucco patch

Fake a high-end stone lamp using stucco patch and paint for a beautiful textured look to add character to your living room. Get tutorial here

Create jelly plate botanical prints

Press leaves and flowers onto your painted jelly plate to create instant, intricate botanical prints. Get tutorial here

Paint linens with watered-down colors

Water down your paint before applying it to your cotton pillow shams and blanket for super cute, colorful results. Get tutorial here

Pull apart balls of Angelina fiber

Iron pieces of Angelina fiber, and then attach them to embroidery hoops to create colorful, shimmery sun catchers. Get tutorial here

Remove paint with a wet sponge

Get a faux patina look by applying paint to a candlestick and then removing some of it using a wet sponge. Get tutorial here

Drag a mini twig broom through wet paint

Create the perfect farmhouse table with a painted wood grain effect by dragging different tools through your wet paint. Get tutorial here

Crumple up some brown paper

Transform an ugly lampshade with uncrumpled pieces of brown paper for a magnificent faux leather look. Get tutorial here

Drizzle paint over a taped design

Smear paint on your taped up boot tray before removing the tape and creating a stunning birch tree art piece for your shoes. Get tutorial here

Sponge paint with different colors

Dab different shades of grey and white onto your furniture to give it a beautiful faux granite look. Get tutorial here

Pour baking soda into your paint

Give your glass vases a faux ceramic look by pouring baking soda into your paint for added texture. Get tutorial here

Drip rubbing alcohol onto your mirrors

Use alcohol ink and rubbing alcohol to create pretty accent mirrors that'll add some color to your wall. Get tutorial here

Smear mud on your vase

Create a faux aged vase by smearing gritty mud all over it, sanding it, and then brushing white paint and dark wax onto it. Get tutorial here

Spread resin over a foil transfer

Turn a wooden box into a beautiful serving tray using a pretty floral foil transfer and a resin finish. Get tutorial here

Rub spackling onto your planters

Press chicken wire into your spackled planters for some texture before spray painting them to look like faux stone planters. Get tutorial here