Wine glasses

Flip your wine glasses upside down, and paint super cute pumpkin faces on them for an adorable way to show your fall spirit. Get tutorial here

Jello molds

Give your old jello molds a new life as lovely, bright orange pumpkin decor. Get tutorial here

A wicker basket

Grab an old basket, and give it some fun personality with a coat of spray paint, some twine, an adorable painted face, and some beautiful flowers. Get tutorial here

Shower curtain rings

Make farmhouse-style napkin rings using shower curtain rings, some twine, and mini dollar store pumpkins to add a fall vibe to your table. Get tutorial here

An empty ribbon spool

Twist chunky orange yarn around an empty ribbon spool, and stick some greenery and a cinnamon stick to the top to make a sweet little pumpkin. Get tutorial here

Tennis rackets

Turn three tennis rackets into rustic fall decor using orange paint, chunky yarn, and greenery from your backyard. Get tutorial here

A dryer vent

Cut up a foil dryer duct, and glue the ends together before spray painting them for some classy fall pumpkins. Get tutorial here

Splatter screens

Cover three splatter screens with burlap, fabric scraps, and a beanie, and then attach them for a beautiful pumpkin-style decoration. Get tutorial here


Glue white and clear buttons to a foam dollar store pumpkin, and attach an empty wooden thread spool to the top for a stem. Get tutorial here

An open slatted crate

Paint your wooden crate orange, and add a tree branch stem and some raffia to create unique pumpkin decor for your front porch. Get tutorial here

Panty hose

Fill your panty hose with concrete, and tie string around it to create grooves resulting in beautiful fall pumpkins. Get tutorial here

A cake mold

Turn a yellow cake mold into a bright sunflower decoration to hang in your garden. Get tutorial here

Canning rings

Arrange old canning rings in a circle using a pipe cleaner, and add a cinnamon stick stem for creative metal pumpkin decor. Get tutorial here

A textbook

Carve your textbook into a round, pumpkin shape before painting the edges orange and creating a stem and vines out of a pipe cleaner and a stick. Get tutorial here

Fence pickets

Create cute farmhouse fall decor out of distressed fence pickets and a raffia-wrapped branch stem. Get tutorial here

Wine corks

Add a pop of color to your home in just 20 minutes with a cute wine cork pumpkin. Get tutorial here