Dye wooden beads for a beautiful vase

Pour Rit Dye into a container to create a high-end wood bead vase for your coffee table. Get tutorial here

Paint linens with watered-down colors

Water down your paint before applying it to your cotton pillow shams and blanket for super cute, colorful results. Get tutorial here

Glue wooden balls to a mirror

Add a Boho vibe to your space by decorating your plain mirror with wooden balls. Get tutorial here

Turn a cardboard box into a stylish storage basket

Cover a cardboard box with a sheet to create a stylish storage basket for your living room. Get tutorial here

Spray paint paper butterflies

Decorate a wreath frame with gold butterflies before attaching a mirror to it for a beautiful, designer mirror. Get tutorial here

Attach pretty glass knobs to your jars

Turn glass jars into the cutest storage containers with pretty knobs on top. Get tutorial here

Assemble a stylish plant stand

Glue wood dowels to two wooden hoops, and then stick the contraption onto a plant stand for a stylish way to display your plants. Get tutorial here

Create faux vintage art

Recreate vintage art using budget-friendly craft store supplies for a lovely way to decorate your wall. Get tutorial here

Spruce up a plain seagrass basket

Make some pompoms out of raffia to go on a seagrass basket for a super cute decor piece for your home. Get tutorial here

Decorate a thrift store lamp with stamps

Stamp floral designs onto your painted lamp to add detail to it for a chinoiserie look. Get tutorial here

Design a trendy Boho basket

Transform a woven rug into a basket that doubles as both trendy and functional decor. Get tutorial here

Tie a chic rope mirror

Loop strips of soft, thick rope around a wire wreath form, and then glue a mirror and beads in the center for the cutest, Boho chic wall mirror. Get tutorial here

Make a classy rainbow abacus

String painted wooden beads onto cut-up metal wreath hoop pieces to create a simple rainbow abacus for your desk. Get tutorial here

Spruce up your decor with yarn

Add a sweet touch to your space by sprucing up your bedroom with cute, colorful yarn-decorated decor pieces. Get tutorial here

Design super cute throw pillows

Cut up fluffy bath mats, and glue the pieces to pillow covers to create cute, cozy throw pillows for your couch. Get tutorial here

Make twinkling branch lights

Grab some branches from your yard to create a gold tree with twinkling fairy lights. Get tutorial here

Smear gritty mud on your vase

Give your vase an aged look by smearing gritty mud all over it, sanding it, and then brushing white paint and dark wax onto it. Get tutorial here

Create jelly plate botanical prints

Press leaves and flowers onto your painted jelly plate to create instant, intricate botanical prints. Get tutorial here