Create a dreamy effect with pretty curtains and fairy lights

I can't wait to try this as a creative nightlight for my daughter's room.

Get tutorial here

Install this striking slat headboard and accent wall

Nothing better than a quick project that kills two birds with one stone! Get tutorial here

Cover canvases in fabric for a quick-and-easy headboard

We went for red velvet, but this would also work great with more neutral fabrics. Get tutorial here

Dress up any bed with giant headboard art

Let your creativity run wild, and paint the design of your dreams on a wood framed canvas. Get tutorial here

Build a herringbone headboard from wood shims

Just constructing this dreamy, repetitive pattern got me in the mood for a good nap. Get tutorial here

Craft an simple headboard out of your favorite fabric

You know a DIY project is easy when it calls for double-sided tape! Get tutorial here

Create a rustic headboard from a vintage glass-pane door

We filled it with a beach-themed mural, but choose whichever image suits your style. Get tutorial here