Make over your front door

Change the look of the entrance to your home with a fresh coat of paint. Get tutorial here

Build a wooden window ledge

Put in a finished piece of wood as a window ledge to give the room a classy vibe. Get tutorial here

Add a floral accent wall

Bring your plain walls to life using floral stencils and paint. Get tutorial here

Transform your kitchen cabinets

Spruce up your kitchen cabinets with some paint to give your kitchen a more modern look. Get tutorial here

Give your nightstands a face-lift

Refresh your old nightstands with a snazzy new design to give them a second wind. Get tutorial here

Revive your countertops

Cover your ugly or dated countertops with contact paper to make them more appealing and usable. Get tutorial here

Sew pillow covers

Brighten up your home with easily-sewn, patterned throw pillows to make your space cozier. Get tutorial here

Make your baseboards look expensive

Beef up your baseboards with this simple, inexpensive trick to make a huge impact on your room. Get tutorial here

Hang up your pots and pans

Declutter your kitchen with an industrial pot rack which doubles as wall decor. Get tutorial here

Paint your kitchen backsplash

Give your kitchen a makeover using paint to display a faux-tile backsplash. Get tutorial here

Attach a bed skirt to your bed

Do your bedroom justice by giving it the final touch it needs to look put together. Get tutorial here

Freshen up your bathroom cabinets

Modernize your old, worn out bathroom cabinets with a bit of TLC and some paint. Get tutorial here

Stick washi tape on your doors

Use washi tape to make your boring white doors less plain without permanently damaging them. Get tutorial here

Install a stair runner

Stop slipping on your stairs by adding a patterned stair runner to your staircase. Get tutorial here

Increase your kitchen storage space

Free up room in your cabinets with this discreet wooden pantry that could easily fit into a narrow space in your kitchen. Get tutorial here

Update your ceiling fans

Spray paint your ceiling fans to update their style without having to shell out hundreds of dollars for a new look. Get tutorial here

Decorate wooden drawer knobs

Be creative with Mod Podge and tissue paper to create designer wooden drawer knobs that no one else will have. Get tutorial here

Fix slamming cabinet doors

Quiet down the cacophonous sound of slamming cabinet doors with a soft-close damper. Get tutorial here

Add character to your fireplace

Redesign your fireplace with stencils to give the room a classier vibe. Get tutorial here

Redo your floor

Transform your floor with plywood and wood stain for a beautiful hardwood appearance. Get tutorial here