#1 Use empty glass jars for chic organization

Save your empty jam, jelly, and salsa jars to keep your space organized. Spray paint the lids black and screw on a decorative handle and you can make these storage jars fit your aesthetic perfectly! Get tutorial here

#2 Turn thrifted dishes into a funky jewelry stand

Keep your jewelry organized in style with this easy project. All you need to do is pick up some dishes and candlesticks at your local thrift store and you're in business! Get tutorial here

#3 Use a muffin tin to keep your desk in order

An old, rusted muffin tin is the perfect catch-all for all of your office needs. Paint it in the color of your choice and then use it to hold paper clips, binder clips, thumbtacks, and more. Get tutorial here

#4 Cut up your old jeans and make a wall organizer

Cut out the pockets to unused jeans and sew them together for a unique form of hanging storage. This is the perfect way to add some simple, funky storage to your teen's bedroom. Get tutorial here

#5 Hang galvanized buckets on the wall for your jewelry

Simplify your jewelry storage system by using galvanized buckets. Drill holes along the edges of the buckets to hang all of your favorite earrings and necklaces. Get tutorial here

#6 Use a tension rod to create shower storage for under $20

This may be the most cost-effective shower storage solution we've ever seen! All you need is a tension rod, shower baskets, and some curtain hooks to give you all the shower storage you'll ever need. Get tutorial here

#7 Turn a ladder into an ombre bookshelf

Grab a ladder and some wooden planks to create a fun bookshelf. Paint each plank a different shade of blue for a chic ombre effect that is totally customizable. Get tutorial here

#8 Keep your paints in check with a spice rack

Make a colorful paint caddy by screwing a handle into the top of a wooden spice rack. Those holes are the perfect size for all of your acrylic paint bottles. Get tutorial here

#9 Wrangle your craft supply with mason jars

Gather your supplies in mason jars and secure them with pipe clamps screwed into an MDF board. You can even use different types of lids to help you keep everything organized just right. Get tutorial here

#10 Recycle old skateboards into fun shelving

Indulge the skater in your life with these easy shelves that are beyond simple to install. These are perfect for displaying your shoe collection, but books would look just as cool on them. Get tutorial here

#11 Organize your linen closet with a diaper box

Cover an empty diaper box with a fabric of your choice for a simple, yet stylish, way to get your linen closet in order. Bonus: we'll also show you the PERFECT way to fold a fitted sheet. Get tutorial here

#12 Create a produce stand and free up counter space

Limited counter space in your kitchen? Store your fruit and veg in a simple stand made of wooden dowels, boards, and plant pot hangers instead of on your countertop. Get tutorial here

#13 Make a rack to store boots from PVC pipes

Boots track in all kinds of mess, but you can keep them and their mess off your floors with this simple boot rack. Use varying lengths of PVC pipe so that every family member has a spot. Get tutorial here

#14 Use shower curtain rings to hang your scarves

Organize your scarves and turn them into a focal piece at the same time. Take a basic hanger, cover the curtain rings in twine, and attach with hot glue. Get tutorial here

#15 Spray empty cans with gold and white paint for a stunning desktop organizer

Clean out the tin cans, use tape to make a design, and spray paint a metallic finish on them. It's basically free! Get tutorial here

#16 Keep the toys stored away with crates

Store your kids' toys and provide them with some extra seating. Paint the crate, attach some foam to plywood, cover with matching fabric, and voila, fun and colorful storage that doubles as a stool! Get tutorial here

#17 Make a framed fabric shoe organizer

Use fabric, basic wood trim, and dowels to create an ingenious way to store your heels. Use the top part of the organizer for jewelry, stick a mirror in the middle, and you've got a one-stop spot to get ready. Get tutorial here

#18 Put plastic drawers under your sink to organize cleaning supplies

Stick a set or two of plastic drawers in the cabinet under your sink. If you have room you can add a basket on top, maximizing the storage potential and keeping everything organized. Get tutorial here

#19 Use floor samples to create a stylish necklace holder

All you need is floor samples, wood glue, and screws and you can have an industrial-chic necklace holder in under 30 minutes! It's so easy you might want to make more than one so grab those floor samples! Get tutorial here

#20 Hang up your ties with a cooling rack

Raid the dollar store for a simple cooling rack and get your ties in order. All you need to do is stick two command hooks to your wall and hang the cooling rack on them. Simple and budget-friendly! Get tutorial here

#21 Organize shoes in a large tote bag

All you need is a tote bag and wine box dividers to get all of your shoes organized and out of the way. Insert the dividers into the tote and organize away! Get tutorial here

#22 Use a belt hook to hang your camis

Use a $3 hook from Walmart and slip all of your camisoles on it to save space in your drawers. Quick, easy, and cheap, all things we love! Get tutorial here

#23 Turn soda bottles into contemporary kitchen containers

Cut up plastic soda bottles, paint them in your favorite colors, and fill them with whatever you like to keep your kitchen stylish and organized. Get tutorial here

#24 Whip your freezer into shape with simple storage bins

Upright storage makes it easier to find what you're looking for in your freezer. Decorate the bins with washi tape and use a label maker to title the bins accordingly. Get tutorial here

#25 Store your toilet paper in style with a glass vase

Need an attractive way to keep a few extra rolls of toilet paper within reach of the toilet? Well then look no further! It turns out a clear cylinder vase holds 3 rolls perfectly. Decorate it with copper tape to make it look extra chic! Get tutorial here

#26 Use tension rods to maximize shoe storage

Tension rods are key in so many storage hacks, and this one is no different! Add a few tension rods to a tiny closet to turn it into the perfect place for your shoes. Get tutorial here

#27 Craft a dispenser for washi tape from a box

Cut down the box, attach wooden dowels, and cover in decorative paper. Fill it up with washi tape and you've turned a mess into something beautiful. Get tutorial here

#28 Transition basic storage bins into fun toy storage

Do you have one of those plastic storage bins lying around? You know, the ones we use for moving, storing decorations, and tucking away clutter? Use it to create a playful toy box with fabric and a little glue. Get tutorial here

#29 Reuse coffee creamer containers for pantry storage

Clean out your coffee creamer containers and fill them with all of your pantry essentials. The small opening at the top also makes for easy pouring! Get tutorial here

#30 Build a pegboard and hang your kitchen tools

Hang your utensils high by placing a pegboard on the wall, then attaching the different hooks. It's the perfect place to keep oddly shaped utensils that don't fit in drawers. Get tutorial here

#31 Store a few pairs of shoes in a sliding drawer

Tired of the pile of shoes by the front door or the bottom of the stairs? Use a large industrial-sized drawer to keep them out of sight. Add wheels and paint it for instant under bench or sofa shoe storage. Get tutorial here

#32 Make a jewelry organizer with chicken wire

Spray paint an old frame, put a fabric underneath the frame, and staple chicken wire over it. Fill it with all your favorite jewelry and you're all set! Get tutorial here

#33 Upcycle cardboard boxes into stunning storage boxes

These boxes are perfect for organizing a pantry, cleaning supplies, or craft materials, and they are super easy to make! Just cut off the tops, glue burlap to the sides, and paint with your desired design! Get tutorial here

#34 Hang your cleaning tools with hangers

Clip shower curtain rings to a wooden hanger and attach your broom, Swiffer, and dustpan for an easy storage solution. It only costs $5 and you can be done in under 5 minutes! Get tutorial here

#35 Organize your condiments with an empty six pack

Condiments sliding all over the door of your fridge? Paint an empty six pack and decorate to your liking for a simple way to keep it all together. Get tutorial here

#36 Craft hangers for herbs with cans

Peel the labels off of empty cans and cover them with contact paper. Drill a few holes in them and string hemp through to hang them up. Fill with your favorite herbs, utensils, and more for some fun, customizable kitchen storage. Get tutorial here

#37 Use clothespins to organize electronic cords

Electronic cords can easily become a big, tangled mess. Get yours under control with clothespins and a washi tape label. Get tutorial here

#38 Build a small shelf for razors and trimmers

Put together a few wooden boards and dowels to keep everything your grooming routine needs organized, in place, and, most importantly, off the counter! Get tutorial here

#39 Connect pool noodles and baskets for a colorful storage solution

Need more storage in your home? You can make this adorable and functional storage shelf in under 10 minutes for under $10! Put together Dollar Tree baskets and pool noodles for this simple hack. Get tutorial here

#40 Turn a door organizer into bedside book storage

If you like to keep a good book by the bed, or store anything bedside, this easy repurpose project is right up your alley! Cut an over the door organizer down the middle and add a few grommets and ribbon to complete this project. Get tutorial here

#41 Make a pegboard wall in the garage

This one is an old hack, but why fix something that isn't broken? Hang a pegboard in your garage to store all of your gardening tools and keep them off the floor. Get tutorial here

#42 Buy some dollar store bins for easy storage

Do you get tired of having the area under your bathroom sink looking like a disaster? You can organize it for as little as $5 with these dollar store bins! Get tutorial here

#43 Turn a laundry bin into a rope basket

Cover a dollar store laundry bin with felt. Then wrap a thick rope around it and paint the bottom with metallic paint for a fun, chic way to store your throw blankets. Get tutorial here

#44 Reuse an empty Pringles can for endless storage ideas

Pringles cans are so versatile. We have four great ways that you can turn a Pringles can into easy storage for your bathroom and kitchen. Get tutorial here

#45 Get your plastic bags in order with a bottle

Cut up an empty Coke bottle, paint it your favorite color, and label with stickers. Earth-friendly and super useful. Get tutorial here

#46 Keep seeds organized with empty pill containers

Make your next planting season easy with a well-organized seed collection. Recycle old pill containers and label them so that you never have to guess what's inside. Get tutorial here

#47 Fill a small bookcase with baskets for easy toy storage

Organize your kiddos' toys in a fashionable way with a rustic touch. This simple storage solution also doubles as a play grocery story! Get tutorial here

#48 Put your gift wrap on the wall

Gift wrap is a storage stumper and it often just ends up on the floor. Not anymore! Screw a narrow shelf into the wall and use twine to keep them upright and in place. Get tutorial here

#49 Get your belts in order with a mini hanger

Turn a mini hanger into the perfect belt storage. Screw hooks into the hanger and simply add your favorite belts. It's almost too easy! Get tutorial here

#50 Store bulky utensils under your cabinets

We all have those utensils that love to jam kitchen drawers. Take them out of your kitchen drawers and hang them off the bottom of your cabinets. Why didn't we think of this? Get tutorial here

#51 Fold cardboard boxes into standing organizers

Create a super space-saving shoe rack out of cardboard boxes. This project is simple, stylish, and absolutely earth-friendly. Get tutorial here

#52 Stain and stack multi crates for a storage unit

If you're in need of storage but don't want to go out and buy a cheap, plastic cabinet or drop a bunch of money on a nice storage cabinet, here is a great solution! This crate storage unit is both functional and a piece of unique, rustic decor. Get tutorial here

#53 Use desk organizers to sort food storage

Raid your local office supply store for everything you need to get your Tupperware in order. Screw a folder organizer into the door of a cabinet to keep all of your lids reined in. Simple baskets are all you need to store the rest of your Tupperware pieces. Get tutorial here

#54 Hang shoes in your entryway for only 29 cents

Stick clear suction wreath hooks to your entryway wall and hang up your shoes. Getting shoes off the floor is the first step in getting your entryway on its way to perfect organization. Get tutorial here

#55 Keep bathtub toys at bay with hanging bins

Kids love bath toys, but they can be a nuisance when it comes time for clean up. These hanging bins make clean up after bath time a cinch. Get tutorial here

#56 Organize everything on an old door

You've seen people do this in the kitchen, but it's perfect for your garage, too! Replace the old-fashioned pegboard with an old door and hang your tools in style. Get tutorial here

#57 Pile books in ottomans

Keep your living room clean and tidy while giving your kids a secret place to stash things. A simple ottoman is a perfect solution that keeps your kids' books within their reach and out of sight when not in use. Get tutorial here

#58 Organize your desk drawer with cardboard

Don't splurge on expensive drawers organizers, make them yourself out of cardboard! All you really need is a cardboard box, scissors, and a glue gun to get your drawers organized exactly how you like them. Get tutorial here

#59 Create hidden storage for canned food

Got gaps in your kitchen? If so, try this secret storage idea that makes use of every available inch. Build a super skinny sliding organizer that fits right between your fridge and the wall. Get tutorial here

#60 Use shower curtain hooks to organize pots

Everyone knows that trying to shove pots and pans into a cabinet can be a nightmare. The one you want is never on top, the pots never fit together quite right, pans always end up stuck under pots...it's not a pretty picture! Instead, hang a grate above your kitchen island and get easy pot and pan storage with shower hooks! Get tutorial here