A sweet name wreath

Write your name on a pizza pan, and then decorate it with rope and burlap ribbon for a sweet wreath. Get tutorial here

His cute Christmas door hanger

Dab red paint onto the surface of your pan before adding a belt buckle design for a cute Christmas door hanger. Get tutorial here

Her simple side table

Rest a pizza pan on top of two stacked, wire trash cans to create the perfect little side table for your living room. Get tutorial here

A welcoming, fall-themed wreath

Greet your guests with a welcoming wreath full of pumpkins for some fun fall decor. Get tutorial here

Her patriotic door hanger

Stick a red, white, and blue handkerchief to your pizza pan to create the perfect Americana-themed decor piece for your door. Get tutorial here

A bright, fruity wreath

Design a sweet, fruity wreath for your front door to add some bright color to your home. Get tutorial here

Her adorable pizza pan scarecrow

Dress up a pizza pan with a hat and some raffia hair to make a super cute scarecrow for your door. Get tutorial here

This multipurpose side table

Put together an easy, portable side table that doubles as a cooler using a plastic flowerpot and a pizza pan. Get tutorial here

Her beautiful, swirled tray

Pour colorful acrylic paint onto your pizza pan to give it a beautiful, swirled design, and then glue handles onto it to create a lovely tray for serving food or displaying decor items. Get tutorial here