1. Improvised Metal Basket Lighting

If you’re looking to cultivate a retro, cozy atmosphere, then it is worth considering metal basket lamps as your living room ceiling lights. Any metal basket that catches your eye can be adjusted and added to your living room light fixtures. All you need is a drill bit for metal, a ceiling rose set, and an LED filament bulb. Get tutorial here

2. Dimmable Living Room Ceiling Lights

Hometalker A has shown how you can convert a chandelier into the centerpiece for a contemporary living room. Dimmable LED bulbs and dark gray mini shades combine to create a chandelier that is versatile and modern, while a layer of wax paste gives the living room light fixtures extra depth. The color is the perfect match for this room’s theme. Get tutorial here

3. Festive Living Room Lighting Idea

This wire wreath chandelier has a clear festive appeal, although it is so charming that you may struggle to take it down once the holiday season ends. The beauty of this style of design is that you can personalize it and adjust it at various times of the year. You can add different fabric, hanging crystals, or even real flowers. Get tutorial here

4. Living Room Lighting of Many Colors

Not only is this living room ceiling light decorated with almost every color imaginable, but it is striking just how vivid those colors are when the light is switched on. Glass droplets were rescued from an old chandelier, dipped in glass paint, and then hung from the tablecloth lace attached to the shade for a magical outcome. Get tutorial here

5. No Need to Change Living Room Light Fixtures

Hometalker Amanda C has devised a remarkable method to improve your existing lighting. Hide old living room ceiling lights with yarn wrapped on a wire planter, while you can dangle strands of yarn for a distinctive design that demands attention. This solution is perfect for renters who are not allowed to alter the living room light fixtures. Get tutorial here

6. DIY Chandelier with Painted Beads

This chandelier renovation is inspired by Mardi Gras, with spray-painted strands of beads attached to a wire planter. You can glue the strands so that they mirror the design of the planter, or so that they hang down from the living room lighting. When illuminated, this living room light fixture looks like it was transported from a fantasy universe.  Get tutorial here

7. Fringed Living Room Ceiling Lights

By using embroidery hoops, rope, and fringe material, you can create your own boho chandelier from scratch. Use hot glue to attach the fringe to each level, while you can embellish the DIY shade with some trim. Make sure that you paint the hoops the same color as the fringe. This way, the two main components will blend together seamlessly. Get tutorial here

8. A Lamp Made from Tea Cups

Hometalker Nikki Boyd has found a novel way to create a lamp that offers some extra living room lighting: by using teacups! You will need to drill holes in each cup for the wiring to run through, then carefully glue each cup together. This lamp fits perfectly in a living room, and it's sure to be everyone's cup of tea. Get tutorial here

9. Recycle Bike Parts for a Distinctive Chandelier

If you have some spare bike parts cluttering your house, why not put the 'cycle' into 'recycle' by converting them into a chandelier? By using a bike wheel as a hoop and chains as decoration, you can create an eye-catching living room ceiling light. With some patient clamping and wiring, what was once clutter has become an incredible addition to your living room. Get tutorial here

10. Textured Living Room Lampshade

Give your lamp an extra bit of pizzazz and depth by using textura paste to create a raised pattern on the shade. With free rein on the design and colors, a bit of hand painting can give a lamp a more luxurious feel. You could also use this technique to spruce up any shades on your living room wall lights.  Get tutorial here

11. Fabulous Fabric Decoupage Lampshade Design

Hometalker Susan Goode gave some Batik fabric a new lease on life through the power of decoupage. By using Mod Podge to apply the Batik fabric to an old lampshade, Susan was able to produce an innovative design that has a charming retro feel. The light shining through the two layers of fabric creates a lovely shimmery effect. Get tutorial here

12. Add Some Sparkle with a Fillable Glass Lamp

Living room lighting can completely change the atmosphere of a room. If you’re looking to add a bit more glitz ahead of a party, use a fillable glass lamp to further brighten up the space. This lamp opens easily so you can alter the interior to match the theme of the party, whether you’re throwing a New Year's bash or a summer birthday celebration. Get tutorial here