Install a convenient popup socket to your kitchen counter

Pull it out for small counter appliances, and stash it away when you’re done. Get tutorial here

Give your kitchen a modern farmhouse makeover

DIY what you can, and leave the rest to the professionals. Get tutorial here

Sponge paint your countertops for a unique, textured look

Finish with a high quality water-based sealer to withstand every day use. Get tutorial here

Brighten up your kitchen with a fun colored island

I went for a light blue hue, but choose whichever color suits your space. Get tutorial here

Build your own cozy breakfast nook benches

The perfect place to drink your morning coffee. Get tutorial here

Hide your microwave in the pantry

Keep in mind you’ll probably need an electrician to add an electrical outlet. Get tutorial here

Install a roll-out towel rack

Hide those smelly rags somewhere secret yet convenient! Get tutorial here