Redo furniture with bleach

Paint the inside white to complete the lightened look. Get tutorial here

Whitewash and upholster old chairs

I used a neutral drop cloth for the backrest and seat and a gorgeous old rug for the back panel. Get tutorial here

Makeover planters with placemats

Transform your space in 10 minutes flat. Get tutorial here

Turn a wasted closet into an desk

Install a shelf up top and a few hooks for storage. Get tutorial here

Make organizers from hampers & plant hangers

Perfect for stuffed animals, and all the random things your child insists on collecting. Get tutorial here

Cover ugly wire shelving with plywood

Get custom-looking closets without removing your existing shelves. Get tutorial here

Dress up boring walls with molding

Make this gorgeous wall stand out with a bold coat of paint. Get tutorial here

Give planters a facelift with mud and paint

Apply the mud in sweeping motions for a natural pottery look. Get tutorial here

Glaze dark, outdated furniture

Mix your own glaze from black paint and Floetrol. Get tutorial here

DIY an acid stained concrete porch

Pro tip: make sure you use wide spray, not stream, to avoid lines. Get tutorial here

Stay germ-free with homemade hand sanitizer

Use aloe vera for moisturizing, alcohol for disinfecting, and essential oils for scent. Get tutorial here

Turn drop cloths into outdoor curtains

Porch curtains are great for shade, privacy, and décor. Get tutorial here

Add a bold color block accent wall

Dress it up with a décor display shelf and some stylish hooks. Get tutorial here