A beautiful Scandinavian tree

Gather sticks and pinecones from your yard as well as other ornaments to decorate a beautiful, Scandinavian Christmas tree. Get tutorial here

These lovely faux birch logs

Stick brown paper strips to pieces of a pool noodle before painting them and adding dark lines for some faux birch logs. Get tutorial here

Her super cool hydro dipped ornaments

Decorate clear ornaments with watered-down nail polish to give them a cool, marbled look. Get tutorial here

These delicious-looking mug toppers

Squeeze out some fake whipped cream with a chocolate drizzle to make the cutest mug toppers. Get tutorial here

His festive serving tray

Stencil a serving tray with bright colors for a sweet holiday piece. Get tutorial here

These adorable pizza pan figurines

Decorate pizza pans with friendly faces for some adorable winter figurines. Get tutorial here

A festive Christmas tree

Create a festive Christmas tree using a tomato cage wrapped in chicken wire and decorated with pretty greenery. Get tutorial here

These rustic tin trees

Turn a tin ceiling tile into unique Christmas trees to add a rustic vibe to your holiday decor. Get tutorial here

This cute painted porch gnome

Paint a beautiful gnome to create a fun decor piece for your front porch. Get tutorial here

These fun holiday wine glasses

Decorate wine glasses with fun designs to add some festive spirit to your holiday. Get tutorial here

Her adorable Santa gnome

Use the unraveled strings from a mophead to create a beard for the most adorable Santa gnome door hanger. Get tutorial here

These pretty tulle trees

Tie tulle around a dowel rod to make pretty, fluffy trees to decorate your home. Get tutorial here

A fun Santa cookie tray

Turn a boring bedside table into a cookie tray for Santa using spray paint and Cricut lettering. Get tutorial here