Turn Your Door Into an Adorable Snowman With This Easy Tutorial

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Who doesn’t love the holiday season?! It’s such a fun time of joy and cheer, and everyone wants to bring some of that spirit into their home. It can get tedious and expensive to decorate for the season, so I’m here to show you a super quick way to decorate your door that will cost you next to nothing. In this tutorial, I’ll teach you how to turn your door into an adorable and super easy snowman that you’re sure to love.

Tools and materials:

  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Tape
Snowman door decoration

Make the eyes

To make the eyes, grab some black construction paper and fold it in half. Then cut the paper leaving you with half, and use your scissors to cut out two circles, starting from the edge of your paper. Then take a look at your door and place the eyes where you want them, using some folded-over tape.

Snowman door

Make the carrot nose

Next, you’re going to grab some orange paper and cut out a carrot. You can totally draw and cut out the shape, or like me, you can just fold some paper hotdog-style and freestyle it. Once you’re satisfied with your carrot, put it in place under the eyes and at an angle. 

DIY snowman door

Add the mouth

Grab another piece of black paper and fold it by ⅓ and then fold in the other side by ⅓ as well. Now fold up the bottom by ⅓ and then the top by ⅓. Now cut out a circle, and you’ll end up with plenty of same-sized dots to work with. Then tape one dot on your door to be the bottom of the mouth, and add the other dots in a curve to create the smile. 

DIY snowman door decor

Create the scarf

To create the scarf, grab a couple of pieces of red paper and fold both of them at the same time in half, lengthwise. Then cut the paper in half, giving you multiple red rectangles. You’ll need to repeat this step with more paper depending on the size of your door. When your rectangles are all cut out, grab one of the pieces and cut off the edge at an angle so that it matches up with the crack of the door, and tape your pieces consecutively to create a scarf. 

DIY snowman door decoration

Decorate the scarf

You can decorate your scarf any way you want to, or even not at all. I chose to make it a plaid scarf by drawing horizontal lines and then vertical lines onto them. I colored in every other square on the top and bottom rows then came back and added dots in the squares of the middle row in between the ones I colored. Then grab another piece of decorated red paper and add it vertically over the scarf to get a folded look.

How to make a door snowman

Add the hat

Every snowman needs a hat. So grab some black paper and fold it in half, then cut straight down, then out, and down again on both sides. When you open it up you should have a hat! You can also add a red strip of paper to give the hat a red trim. 

Turn your door into a snowman

Place your hat on the snowman

Now that your hat is done, add it to the top of the snowman at an angle. You can also grab your marker and decorate it. I chose to add a black buckle to the red trim, by just drawing a square in the middle of the red strip and then drawing a second square inside the first. 

Make a snowman door

That’s all there is to it! This honestly could not have been any easier and costs next to nothing, as I’m sure you already have some construction paper lying around. The snowman is so cute and instantly adds a touch of cheer to my house. I’m so happy with the way it turned out. I’d love to see your different snowmen, so be sure to post a picture of yours in the comments! Happy holidays, everyone! 

Suggested materials:

  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Marker
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