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Our basement steps were in great need of a refreshing. They had a black thick plastic runner on them, and underneath was red paint and transition strips on the edge. Not to mention the years of dirt. My goal was to re-purpose with materials I had on hand as much as possible. Here's how I accomplished that.
This is how the steps looked before I started. They were old looking and really needed a new look.
This is how worn and old the runner was.
I first removed the old runner and the transition strip (This is how worn and old the runner was.) . I then swept and washed the steps (many times) and strip. They needed a good clean.
(You can see the old color) Using the basic painting steps, I taped areas I didn't want to paint. I then primed every other step so that I could go use them. Let them dry and then did the opposite steps. I then painted the same way. I did use two coats of paint.
And here is the finished project. Using materials I had on hand I gave my basement stairs a new look.
Suggested materials:
  • Anti-Slip additive   (Home depot)
  • Paint for porch and patio   (Home depot)
  • Screws   (Home depot)
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