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Aerobics is one of the most popular ways to stay fit and healthy because it has positive effects on aging and brain health as well as being one of the best ways to improve physical health overall, including the speeding up of one’s metabolism and the burning of calories during and after exercise. Describe the most popular ways of aerobics for weight loss at home. And we at just need to show you how to make Aerobic Steps easily by yourself. Here are seven easy steps to making your own aerobic step at home.

Purchase and prepare the wood

As is the case with any home project, you have to start with getting your materials ready. Purchase your wood first. You will need pieces that are at least 17 x 24 (the top and bottom pieces) and 6.5 high. Once you have purchased your wood, you need to ensure that you have the building tools to make the aerobic step. So, have a saw, a screwdriver, screws, superglue, blue tape, and a metal ruler and pencil to rule out the size of your pieces of wood for cutting.

Measure out the size with a metal rule and line with blue tape

Next, take your pieces of wood and cut them to size. Start with the top and bottom pieces first. These need to be cut to 17 x 24. Take your pencil and metal ruler and measure up the size. Take your blue tape and make a clean line up your measurement lines. Lay the tape down so that it is place directly over the measurement lines.

Now, line up each piece of wood on your saw, being extra careful to ensure that you have lined it up correctly. Use the saw to slice the wood cleanly up the exact middle of the blue tape lines. Do this for both the top and the bottom pieces of wood.

Now it is time to cut the side pieces of wood to size. You will obviously have four sides to cut, two of which are 6.5 x 24. After you have measured them to size, cut them into size. Do the same for the two side pieces that will be 6.5 x 17. 

Cut supporting pieces to size

You need to cut supporting pieces to size so that they can be placed inside the framing pieces of the aerobic step to add additional support and stability. Follow steps two and three with revised sizing for the inner support pieces.

Once you have lined up the bottom piece of wood with the side pieces, then place supporting pieces inside to add strength and stability to the aerobic step. Put the supporting pieces inside your two end pieces and atop the bottom piece. This will form the strong foundations of the aerobic step.

Once all your pieces are in place, glue and screw

Once you have put all your pieces into place, it is time to glue and screw them into place to bring the aerobic step to fruition. Once you have done this, you have successfully built an aerobic step for easy at home utilisation.

Suggested materials:

  • Wood   (purchased)
  • Building tools   (owned)

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