I Need Some Help With My Stairs Please

I want to redo my back stairs. We have a storage area under the stairs downstairs and it is always filled with the dust/ backing from the old rug. The first pic is of the "beautiful" carpet that covers them now. I pulled up just the bottom step to see what I had to work with. I would like to rip all the carpet up, and then stain or paint them. The second pic is a close up of the stair after scraping and vacuuming it. The third pic is the same, except you can see how bad the backing of the rug is. What do I need to do? I haven't ever done anything like this before, but want to tackle it! Thanks for your help!
q i need some help with my stairs please, flooring, home decor, home maintenance repairs, how to, stairs
q i need some help with my stairs please, flooring, home decor, home maintenance repairs, how to, stairs
q i need some help with my stairs please, flooring, home decor, home maintenance repairs, how to, stairs
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  • Amanda Cook Amanda Cook on Jul 05, 2013
    well its one heck of A project but i found a step by step tutorial that i hope will help you :) let me know what you think...http://southernhospitalityblog.com/the-down-dirty-on-the-stair-project/

  • KrysFL KrysFL on Jul 05, 2013
    Have you seen the pics of painted stairs? I think they are fabulous! You would repaint (or wallpaper as in this pic), then replace the part that your foot hits (the top) if its damage, or just repaint then polyurethane. Using caulk will seal any cracks and prevent dirt from going down into your under stair storage. A little sanding and paint and these stairs should be good. I've seen a lot worse. :)

  • Rachelle Morris Rachelle Morris on Jul 06, 2013
    great ideas!! thanks so much! I am thinking more and more about painting. I think I will have to. The treads are 2- 2x6s, my hubby told me. Glad to hear you have seen worse and believe I can fix it! :) I now just have to figure out how I want to paint them..... :)

  • Rachelle Morris Rachelle Morris on Jul 07, 2013
    those are amazing! Thanks for sharing! I think I will go with the porch/patio paint too. With 5 kids, they are well used stairs.

  • Julie Julie on Jul 07, 2013
    Here's my favorite stair project, for inspiration. Stenciled by Carol Leonesio. More details on her blog, here: http://paintit.typepad.com/painter_girl/2010/12/wrapping-up-2010.html

    • Linda Linda on Apr 06, 2015
      @Julie Love this. Recently bought an older home and it has old shag carpet on the steps now. I think I'll have to rip that off (was going to anyway) and do some stenciling on the risers. Thanks for a great idea.

  • Jessica C Jessica C on Jul 07, 2013
    Definitely rip it all up and paint! You may have to scrub the rubber padding off the stairs. I use vinegar and hot water to cut through the glue. Wipe them dry, remove all nails, fill holes. You may need to sand a bit in places. Then you can paint, I like high gloss paint on the stairs, they are easy to wipe clean when needed.

  • Rachelle Morris Rachelle Morris on Jul 07, 2013
    oh good! Vinegar and water- that's nice and cheap! :) very easy ideas! Thanks.

  • Diana Sue Mendez-Lucio Diana Sue Mendez-Lucio on Jul 07, 2013
    Pinterest has some awesome ideas. I saw a doggy door under staircase,, also some glittery, you can also paint one solid color and add a strand of lights along the bottom. Please send pictures when you're done!!

  • Denise Weick Denise Weick on Jul 07, 2013
    make sure that the paint will #1 withstand foot traffic & #2 is slip resistant. No falls please! : ) I have seen stenciling on the riser rather than the tread that looks marvelous too. Your wall colors are a neutral so you could go with just about anything, print, solid color or as another had stated wall paper or Border paper. Let your imagination run wild & have fun. ( I liked the caulk idea too, just make sure it is paintable).

  • Columbia1 Columbia1 on Jul 07, 2013
    If they cannot be stained, one idea would be to paint the treads one color and the risers another color. Maybe a lighter color for the step and a darker one for the riser. For a soft touch to the step you might use carpet stair treads that you can find in a store, i.e. a hardware store, etc.

  • Rachelle Morris Rachelle Morris on Jul 07, 2013
    I love all the ideas! Now to make a decision.... lol but, I will finish painting the walls, then I am replacing the Lino at the bottom, then.... I will make a decision on colours and design.

  • Raya Deych Raya Deych on Oct 16, 2013
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  • Julie J C Julie J C on Dec 12, 2013
    You are lucky that your stair tread is real wood. Mine are all composite wood sawn unevenly, so I am even worse off! I say clean up, paint, and install a runner down the middle.

  • Paula p Paula p on Jul 27, 2015
    I have a 150 year old farm house and had this deep green carpet on them . Tore it all off and painted the stairs steps rich brown the riser are white. Started with the second step on the bottom with the name of the farm and year skiped the next step and then put the first marriage date with names of people on the riser. I did this all the way up the stairs who live in the house with the last step being my husband and my self along with pictures on walls. My show case of our Familys history of 150 years.

  • Darren Darren on Oct 05, 2015
    Paint each one to look like the spine of a book. pick your favorite books and paint them on the part in between the steps. This way you get to use many different colors.

  • Cas14302815 Cas14302815 on Nov 12, 2016
    Several options...beadboard the risers and paint a crisp white....or.....paint each riser a different color....using neutral complimenting tones...but not too many say limit to 4 colors