The house we bought, the man has a step down into 2 room, how to fix?

How do we fix this so people do not trip everytime someone comes to visit.
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  • Dalyn Mauck Dalyn Mauck on Jun 03, 2017
    It's not a common feature builders do today. I've seen many people level it out so this is gone (contractor). However, you could remind people when they first come in. Sit a large plant in the main area they use to step down and stake a sign in the plant to watch their step? This is a hard one for me without seeing photos.
    Sorry I couldn't be more help.

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    • Dalyn Mauck Dalyn Mauck on Jun 03, 2017
      Your still having tripping problems?
      I love Spanish style.

  • Maryemurphy2 Maryemurphy2 on Jun 03, 2017
    It can be filled with cement..pouring a new floor...a wood floor can be built....but a practical idea to help preventing ankle turning accidents is to trim the edge with an opposing color or material. If it's carpeted, tiles or painted, it's an inexpensive treatment.

  • Patricia Patricia on Jun 03, 2017
    Different color flooring between the two areas will help differentiate between the two levels.