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Just read this article on Yahoo and thought it was a goodone to shareMonkshood
Commonly mistaken for horseradish, this perennial’s bulbs can kill a grown adult. Even touching its leaves with bare hands may result in numbness, so wear gloves when dealing with this indigo beauty.

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  • Eileen Gensel Eileen Gensel on Sep 16, 2013
    I don't have small children anymore, but 3 little dogs.. so that is my only worry about plants that are poisonous if by chance they would eat or chew on something.. I always try to check and make sure I have all non poisonous plants inside the fence area by the pool where my dogs are and keep the bad ones outside perimeters.. That is the problem they are so beautiful but can be bad too.. thanks
  • Bluesister Sky Bluesister Sky on Sep 16, 2013
    Thanks! I will watch for it.