This privately-owned luxury bed and breakfast is nestled within the urban compound of Charlestons historic 1825

Edmondston-Alston House, one of the first dwellings constructed along the High Battery facing Charleston Harbor. 21 East Battery was built in 1825 during the tenure of the property's first owner, Charles Edmondston. Later, in 1838 second-owner Charles Alston extensively remodeled the house adding significant Greek Revival details. The rear dependency originally served as a stable and livery for the wealthy rice planter's fine horses and handsome town carriages. The quarters once housed the servants who helped make 21 East Battery one of the city's showplaces of style and gracious entertaining. Today, the property once again welcomes visitors to the city where hospitality has always been an art. Overlay Solutions LLC, was proud to have the opportunity to work on this Historical Treasure. Jody Smith said "This was the most peaceful job that I have ever completed, and to be on the Charleston battery working on history was a great privilege. I would recommend this bed & breakfast to anyone who is looking for that true Charleston get away.
The carriage house layout is amazing and I love the way 21 East Battery Bed & Breakfast was able to preserved the look and feel of this priceless piece of Charleston history. I truly enjoyed the challenge of making the newly fixed areas look untouched to match the aged existing facade."

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