Asked on Apr 19, 2018

I need opinions on backsplash!

I hate my kitchen backsplash. I thought I would do a simple white subway tile but it doesn't seem to really match the granite. I don't want anything too trendy. Do you think the white will work? I would appreciate any ideas as I can only do this once and my husband is willing to help...thank God.
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Apr 19, 2018

    personally white will be to stark, how about paining the backsplash

  • Trudi Trudi on Apr 19, 2018

    I think what you have is quite nice, but if you don't like it, that is what counts. You could replace with wood slats, like a wains coating or do them at an angel. Then you can stain the wood in different shades. Then it would match granite and cupboards. Share pictures of what ever you do.

  • Jcraw Jcraw on Apr 19, 2018

    The white would work if you use a darker grout. Not black, but maybe a depth of color like your cabinets. What do you think. Maybe tape a brown paper bag to the backsplash and lay or tape some of the white tiles against it.

    For that matter, buy a couple of sheets of foamcore at the Dollar store, and cut them to fit there and see what you think.

    The question is, is there enough white in your kitchen that it makes sense. When you replace your dishwasher, will it be white?

  • L. Creative L. Creative on Apr 19, 2018

    I have seen subway style tile that is more updated. Cream color and beveled edges. That would not look as stark as white against your granite. I believe Home Depot DID sell it. White subway tile has been out for awhile now so that could date your kitchen.

  • Jerseygirlsdontpumpgas Jerseygirlsdontpumpgas on Apr 19, 2018

    Thanks for the responses! I also think the subway may be dated but I cannot come up with anything better....thats why I need help!! LOL...I will consider the brown/taupe color grout thanks...if there is a tile person out there that can recommend something I would appreciate it...I do like the sea glass in my backsplash but the brown tumbled marble tiles were never put in correctly and I now think it brings the look down ...Also my appliances are new and stainless steel. The island and table / chairs have white in them....thanks!!!

    If anyone happens to have the same granite and can send pics of what they did I would love that!

  • Julie  McCuiston Julie McCuiston on Apr 19, 2018

    Baltic brown granite is a tough one to match up with a complimentary color. The best splash that I ever saw with it, was in a Maui condo. They had a dark polished tile with large copper insets. It was beautiful and I am sure VERY expensive.

  • Andrea Zack Andrea Zack on Apr 19, 2018

    I think the wood slats wood be easy enough with ship lap. That may not be easy to clean, but a polycrylic coating over it might help. I also think it would be easy enough to visualize some changes. For example use correction tape over the existing grout to see if changing the grout would be more pleasing. Tape white paper over a section of tile, and use a colored marker to trace a colored grout line. You might be able to remove some of the grout on the marble tiles to give them a fresh new look. Best of luck to you!

  • Jerseygirlsdontpumpgas Jerseygirlsdontpumpgas on Apr 19, 2018

    Thank you.. I’ll try the tape and see how it looks

  • Dande,OR Dande,OR on Apr 24, 2018

    If you love the sea glass that you have, why not just pick a pretty color and paint out the tile you don't like. If you don't like it you can always retile.

  • Jerseygirlsdontpumpgas Jerseygirlsdontpumpgas on Apr 24, 2018

    Does that really work? Painting tile? Won’t it peel?

  • Deb K Deb K on Jan 09, 2024

    Hello, you could go with a white, it looks great and brightens it up!

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Jan 09, 2024

    I am not a fan of stark white subway tile, or subway tile to begin with, it's been done to death. Thinking outloud, the copper in the countertop could be a way to go, but too much of it would be too much. I think you could use a plain color. How about tin tiles?

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Jan 09, 2024

    Why not go for a colour that does match or maybe a colour you really never tire of?