DIY Ceiling Tile Ideas

How do you DIY tile your ceiling? Good question. We've got your answer. Check out our step-by-step video tutorials that will guide you through the whole process. Visit our discussion boards, as well as our slideshows and top, best, and new ceiling tile projects. Make your ceiling look its best!

Tiling Ceilings Made Easy

Protect the floor

Cover the floor below the ceiling you want to tile. This will protect the surface if any tiles or tools fall while you’re working.

Shop for tiles

Measure the ceiling and draw a diagram of it on graph paper. This will help you when it comes to purchasing the right number of tiles.

Mark the ceiling

Place a tile in the corner of the ceiling and draw a chalk outline around it. Repeat this process until you have a guide to follow.

Place tiles

Fix tiles to the ceiling, pressing firmly so that the adhesive can bond. Wear eye protection to guard against any falling debris.

Neaten up

Use cove moldings to fill the gaps between your tiles and the walls. They can save you from having to be too accurate when you cut your tiles.

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