DIY Floor Tile Ideas

Are you ready to tackle your DIY floor tile project? Let us help you get started in this exciting endeavor. Whether it's your first time or tenth, tiling your floor successfully is all about planning. Are you using the right supplies and techniques? Check out our discussion boards, video tutorials, and best projects to get going.

Tile Floors the Easy Way
Prepare the surface
Make sure the floor that you want to tile is free of debris. Also, ensure that the surface is even, with no bumps or large scratches.
Measure up
Measure the space you want to tile. Round up all measurements, as it is better to buy too many tiles than to not have enough.
Purchase tiles
Choose tiles with a neutral color scheme. They should also be as tough as possible, as floor tiles are known to crack.
Follow a guide
Use chalk to draw guidelines that you can follow when tiling. For straight lines, purchase a chalk line kit.
Cut to size
You can cut tiles to size, if needed, using an electric or hand-operated tile cutter, but be sure to wear safety goggles.
Top Floor Tiling Projects

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Floor Tiling Videos

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Hexagon Tile Floor Transition Entrance

After seeing numerous photos of Hexagon Tiles organically transitioning into hardwood flooring, I had to attempt this technique. I hadn’t seen any conclusive tutorials on doing this transition so I was left to my own devices. The final product turned out really sharp and has held up perfectly since it was installed two years ago.I will be installing a Zebrawood engineered hardwood flooring. This means it has a thin veneer of Zebrawood mounted on an MDF substrate and a little layer of cork on the bottom. It is important to have the tiles sitting approximately 1/16″ – 1/8″ higher than the hardwood floors. This is to minimize damage to the frail Zebrawood veneer.

How To Install a Hexagon Bathroom Floor Tile a Beginner’s Guide

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