I have a bathroom with little square floor tiles, ugly.

Can I tile on top to avoid busting them out and redoing subfloor, etc?
q i have a bathroom with little square floor tiles ugly
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  • Maggie Misenar Maggie Misenar on Jun 12, 2018
    No, the new tile will not adhere or level properly. It’s a pain, I know, but chip up the old tile. You will be much happier with the end result.

  • Monya Pfiz Monya Pfiz on Jun 12, 2018
    No!! I would have them removed professionally. Choose your new flooring and have them remove the old one.

  • Dave Dave on Jun 12, 2018

  • Shortcake Shortcake on Jun 12, 2018
    Hello Bob, Instead of busting them out, you could get the flooring to go right over it. I got some at Lowe's and it feels like rubber, but will lay right over that flooring. It will shrikes in the winter and expands in the summer. Use a damp rag to clean it.

  • William William on Jun 23, 2018
    No. The old tile will need to be removed. Some have tried to level tile floors with leveling compound but it doesn't work on tile. I have similar tile in both my bathrooms only shades of green. Cement base underneath. Will have to remove old tile and level the floor with fresh cement. Then I can tile.