To power wash or not to power wash?

What is the quickest and easiest way to remove mildew from siding? I have heard that power washing can lead to water damage behind the siding. Is there an eco-friendly product to that I can use with a brush to remove the mildew? Also, is there any way to prevent it from coming back?

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  • DutchMolly DutchMolly on Mar 05, 2013
    I have found the easiest and most cost effective way is to use Oxiclean -- mix it in a bucket with water and use a rag or long handled brush (RV brush with extending handle works great). It immediately removes the mildew and stains and doesn't harm the vinyl finish. I do my manufactured home twice a year with the method -- easy peasy!

  • Tommi L. Perkins Tommi L. Perkins on Aug 27, 2016
    Always comes back on the north side of the house, just like moss usually grows on the north side of trees. Usually the north side doesn't get as much sunshine. In the South in many areas the humidity is so high that the mildew will grow on the north side of the house. It's not good to leave it on. My power washer does a good job when I put some bleach on the water. I have see people who do not have a power washer just spray well with bleach and water (your clothes and shoes will be ruined. I recommend rubber gloves), scrub with a mop dipped in the bleach water, let sit for an hour, go back and see where you have missed, respray those areas and let sit 30-40 minutes. Then use a water hose with a pressure spout on it. If you use a power washer on vinyl siding and you have a powerful one, turn it down. You don't want to blow the siding off of the house! Good luck.