Two passions at once!

In this picture I'm holding up my new work-shirt while i was Deployed to Afghanistan 2011-2012. I ordered them for the crew back home and didn't get to see them before i shipped out so they sent me one in a care package! I'm a passionate man. I love ponds, and i love my country. So when I'm not hauling rocks and slinging mud... Im doing my part to protect the free world from terrorism. I really missed sitting next to the pond with a cold drink!!! Live the Lifestyle, don't take anything for granted. Stop and get back in touch with nature and yourself. life is too short.
I Love outing in Afghanistan 2011-2012

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  • Kevin Soergel Kevin Soergel on Sep 01, 2012
    Shawn you are a good man, a hero, and a great pond builder. It was nice meeting you at Pondemonium.

  • I Love I Love on Sep 01, 2012
    Thank you Kevin, that means alot! it was great meeting you. I'm glad I'm able to call myself part of the CAC family and have people like you to model myself after. I hope to be able to say I've been in the brotherhood as long as you someday. looking forward to next pondemonium!