Four Ways to Get Creative With Floss

Dental floss is great for your gums, but did you know it's handy around the house, too? This extra-strong thread can prevent cookies from crumbling, hold up heavy objects (like wind chimes) and more! Stock up on floss and try one of these four new uses:
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Remove Cookies. Few things in life are better than freshly baked cookies. In fact, they're so good that sometimes it's hard to be patient and let them cool completely before you dig in. And that leads to crumbles!
Line Dry Clothes. So, let's say you have a shirt that's too delicate for the dryer, but you didn't exactly read the label until after you ran it through the washing machine. What do you do?
Hang Wind Chimes. Dental floss may be thin, but it's no wimp! It has to be super strong to stay together in your mouth, and that strength can be put to good use around your house.
Support Climbing Plants. Climbing plants are a charming addition to any garden, but they can be hard to maintain. Make it a little easier to guide their growth by tying climbing rose, grapevine, ivy or more.

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