I keep finding things to put plants on so I keep having to buy more plants. It is a vicious cycle.

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  • Artist In The Garden Artist In The Garden on Jan 24, 2015
    Getting ready to utilize a long hollow log which will become a gigantic wooden strawberry jar. First I'll drill holes all over it and cover it with a tarp. Next I'll set it upright in the back yard. Then immediately after a heavy rain I will set it on fire. Once it has burned sufficiently it will be light enough to transport to a job site. A quart of gas and one match should turn it into a work of art. Flowering plants with light colored or silver leaves will look marvelous cascading out of this charred black piece. In a few years the log will be decomposing but the plants will be happy and healthy. These plants will go into my next creation. A very large hollowed out piece of driftwood set down horizontally or perhaps a rusty old buoy filled with a custom lightweight soil mix and chained to a sturdy driftwood pole, dangling several feet off the ground.
  • Mystellaisabella Mystellaisabella on Jan 24, 2015
    I like the bright colours in your furniture, beautiful contrast to the greenery and flowers.