New Craze: Old Planters, as Miriam I has posted earlier/before. (DECADES OLD INVENTION!!! Not a new idea)

Showing my FIRST MADE TIRE PLANTER to you all!!! What do you think about it???
1 - Take a very worn out tire (best with no wires sticking out).
2 - Wash it with a degreaser, and a brush to get rid of possible oils on it.
3 - You are now ready to draw the shape of the top ending/petal you will want your tire planter to have, but before you do this, with your thumb (finger) press down to feel that where you will be drawing/cutting there is NO WIRES. If you are able to press down, that means NO WIRES there.
4 - Cut out the drawing you made with a very hard, and sharp knife. You will have another decoration piece after doing this. For example as in picture #4.
5 - Turn the tire inside out. This is somewhat difficult, but doable.
6 - Now that the tire is inside out, paint it. I used oil-based superior durability premium quality protective enamel paint (OIL PAINT). I know that what I used could be a little pricey, but you probably don't have to go to that extent.
7 - Let the tire dry well.
8 - After dried, if you want to make designs on it as I did on the RED PAINTED TIRE, you will need to used a paint that has a primer in it, or prime the spots where you will be doing the little decorations. For example, the green leaves that are painted on this RED TIRE PLANTER.
9 - You are now finished, and ENJOY!!!
The cutout from the tire to give the planter its ending/petal shape. This cutout could be used as a wall decoration, or what have you.

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