Any ideas on how to use these plastic baskets?

I found these plastic planters on the side of the road waiting on the trash men. I knew that I had to rescue them but now what?
q craft ideas with plastic baskets, crafts, repurposing upcycling
q craft ideas with plastic baskets, crafts, repurposing upcycling
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  • Rebecca Van Campen Rebecca Van Campen on Nov 08, 2014
    I believe these are old style gravestone baskets which make gorgeous vintage Easter baskets.

  • Swan Road Designs Swan Road Designs on Nov 08, 2014
    What you have are modern, read "plastic" here, cemetery/grave flower containers. I'll bet if you did a little sleuthing around where you found them, there is a cemetery nearby. Yes, they would make pretty Easter baskets, especially if they were spray-painted in pastel colors. If you want to give them a different life, the handles probably snap out of their spaces, you could again paint them and turn them into containers for flower arrangements. Since it's so near the holidays, they could serve as containers for holiday greenery, etc. For Thanksgiving/fall theme, they might be better painted bronze or copper the, of course, for Christmas colors like red, green or gold would look good. Let your imagination move "outside the box" and see what happens.

  • Donna Shipley Donna Shipley on Nov 09, 2014
    If I had found them, I would have added paint, drainage and planted something small & flowering in them. Then perhaps set them on a porch, deck or elsewhere in the garden.

  • Melissa Soucy Melissa Soucy on Nov 09, 2014
    If you don't want to keep them you can offer them to someone on freecyle or bring them to a flower shop and ask if they would like them.

  • Priscilla G Priscilla G on Nov 09, 2014
    I had several of these, added some paint to the outside for distressing and then rocks on the inside for drainage and planted English Ivy in a couple and hen/chickens in other, they are so neat and different.

  • Debra Debra on Nov 09, 2014
    I would paint them and put some pea stone in bottom. Then add a tea light place around your garden.

  • Keith Troxall Keith Troxall on Nov 09, 2014
    See if a florist wants them. They can be used again. They are around 3.0ea. New .

  • Lee Cunningham Green Lee Cunningham Green on Nov 09, 2014
    They are completely recyclible, I would use them in a garden setting as well, an Ivy, or ground crawling plant could look great in them. I would also paint them, but I would probably do something different like take some disgarded glass globes and place them inside the baskets like gazing balls that are easily moved in the garden while still adding that interesting glimmer.

  • Kelly S Kelly S on Nov 09, 2014
    These are perfect for growing ivy or any vine type plant in. You can leave them white or spray paint them. Just be sure to drill holes in the bottom for drainage. They also would make great topiary bases.

  • Rita H Rita H on Nov 09, 2014
    Several things... you can give them back to a florist to recycle flowers in. The handles snap off, and you could use them for a planter.

  • Linda Bailey Linda Bailey on Nov 09, 2014
    They would be wonderful to plant something that twines. Even pea plants have flowers and will grow quickly and flower.

  • Karen Kay Babineaux Karen Kay Babineaux on Nov 09, 2014
    The thought of having used cemetery planters in my yard would be too creepy for me to deal with. I think I would have passed them up. :/

  • Elaine Elaine on Nov 09, 2014
    Use in your craft room. Use small hooks and loop then through the handle holes and hand tools from them. Use the basket to put paint brushes and your water jar so it does not spill. This way you can carry it out side and have every thing handy.

  • Adventures In Junking Adventures In Junking on Nov 09, 2014
    @Leota Vermilyea What a find! The hypothetical source is only creepy if you let it be. For all you know, they came from the garage of a former florist. You have so many great suggestions here from your Hometalk Homies, but I would definitely keep them white, just scrub them and put them away for amazing Easter baskets. (Well, I would keep one filled with Ivy on the front porch). But come February I would be planting grass seed in the rest of them (using rocks for drainage so as not to permanently determine the basket's future), and then start planning beautiful fillers. I do love having pretty organizers in the craft studio, and like that idea. But they're so ornate I would feel overwhelmed keeping more than one for that purpose. But it would be a lovely catch-all for lace or ribbon remnants.

  • Judith Costa Judith Costa on Nov 09, 2014
    Removing the handles would make them less creepy if that bothers you. They will still make great planters and painting will enhance the designs.

  • Teri Whipple Teri Whipple on Nov 09, 2014
    Sell them to the Easter bunny?

  • Diana H Diana H on Nov 09, 2014
    You can always take the handles off and you have nice containers for put holes in for drainage.... or like the person said, A florist can always use them...they can be washed painted white and reused... :)

  • Carrie Sue Carrie Sue on Nov 09, 2014
    i get my best ideas while falling to sleep...had to get out of bed and tell you them;) spray paint with a faux stone paint..put foam that you can get from craft shops that holds water (name escapes me) then put moss and decorative rocks also at craft store..then some fake braches in the back of the arrangement and little criiters or gnomes aruond the moss. Or put a fake plant int he basket...hang it with lamp chain and buy a battery operated "push light" to stick to the underside for a porchlight or garden accent.

  • Jan Jan on Nov 09, 2014
    I think someone must have had funeral recently---but I love the idea of reusing/recycling---and I love the idea of ivy or vine that would wrap the handle---what a neat topiary (add some plastic eggs for Easter)---small church might could use a few for altar arrangements etc.

  • Kathy C Kathy C on Nov 10, 2014
    Great ideas. Spray paint a bright color and wrap ribbon around the handle. That change the look then make gift baskets for friends.

  • Karen Kay Babineaux Karen Kay Babineaux on Nov 10, 2014
    Ok, Remove all of the hoops drill dranage holes in each of them paint them all the same color and hang them on a patio wall or set them all around your patio with your favorite plants in them.

  • Shirley Phillips Shirley Phillips on Nov 10, 2014
    sweet peas would love that handle as well as ornamental oregano and the hummers love it too.How clear are they an a set off white lights show through? As I would get it down to container only tip upside down and make garden lights out of them you can even drill a few holes for the lights to shine throw. I use light globes all the time and like orbs in my gardens set the timer light up your paths and enjoy. You could also paint them with glow in the dark paint another fun thing to do.. Your possibilities are endless glue mosaics make pretty planters have fun with them and make them your own unique pieces. Hope you found some inspiration somewhere in these comments good luck

  • Shelley Shelley on Nov 16, 2014
    I think these would look cute as hanging baskets. You could paint them in bright colors and hang them in a patio (or from a fence if they're not too deep. For the rectangular one, if you can snap the handle off as people were saying, you could cut a hole in it and attach it to a fence (or tree) and make it a birdhouse (if these are plastic). You might also be able to snap handle off, turn it upside down and glue a dollar store plate to the bottom and use it as a bird or butterfly feeder. You've got my wheels turning! Have fun with it!

  • GinaR GinaR on Nov 17, 2014
    I love these old used flower baskets from the cemetery. I am always on the lookout for the ones that get discarded. I plant vines in them and they are gorgeous --- but I also plant other flowers in them like daisies. I have also used them to make arrangements to place on relatives' graves on special occasions.

  • Pgl Pgl on Nov 24, 2014
    Okay try this take the handle off turn them upside down paint just the indentions and use them as plants stands, on a buffet table for plate stands or wire three together for napkins and utensils also use in bathrooms for trash cans or on shelves to hold anything.

  • Kathy Kathy on Nov 27, 2014
    @Leota Vermilyea - I use them as molds to create permanent flower boxes. What a great find! I have a few myself but not with such a cute diverse selection as you have!

  • AvonelleRed AvonelleRed on Nov 28, 2014
    Remove the handles, then cut a hole in the bottom large enough to insert a light kit, add a decorative chain or something, and hang upside down as a light.

  • Andrea Robinson Andrea Robinson on Dec 15, 2014
    If the handles are sturdy, I think they would make adorable seasonal door "wreaths." Wrap the handles with colorful cloth or ribbon, tuck silk flowers in the bottom and stand a monogram letter in the center. The center part is deep enough to hold the battery box for fairy lights too (on a covered porch).

  • Orchidmg Orchidmg on Dec 15, 2014
    I would leave one with a handle and remove the other three, the large ones. And drill holes in the center of the bottoms and attach them with a dowel, stacking them on top of each other a few inches above each one to make a tall flower pots. Drill two small holes in each bottom as well for water drainage. And of you wanted, before attaching them, get waterproof spray paint and make each a different color. You might have to made the dowel about 8 inches long out the very bottom basket to go into the ground so it doesn't fall over in the wind or an animal can't push it over. Unless you put it on your front porch, you might want to put several large rocks in the bottom basket to make it heavy.